Unveil The 3 Scientific Wonders Of Fasting

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  • Know when fat burning begins during fasting
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David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Hey, Dr. David Jockers here. Today we’re talking about the top three reasons to do intermittent fasting. Number one is fat burning. When your body, see at normally your body’s either burning sugar or burning fat. If we’re continually eating, particularly if we’re eating higher amounts of carbohydrates, then our body is going to be focused on burning sugar as its kind of primary fuel. And it will also burn fat but to a lesser extent. When we start going for a longer period of time without food then our blood sugar starts to drop. We start using up sugar that’s in our liver, that’s in our muscles. We call that glycogen stored sugar. We use that for energy and then once that gets to a certain threshold our body says, okay, we need to start burning our fat. Our fat is, you know, like our bank reserve, right? So we’re now dipping into our savings account.

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sharon daur
sharon daur
6 months ago

Can you drink coffee or green tea upon awakening while doing a 14-16 fasting window?

Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
6 months ago
Reply to  sharon daur

Hi Sharon, Yes I usually do 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning, then switch to green tea later in the afternoon.

Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
6 months ago

Dr. Jockers’ insights on intermittent fasting are super enlightening! It’s great to see how he simplifies the concept, breaking it down into the top three reasons: fat burning, growth hormone increase, and autophagy. The explanation of how our bodies switch from sugar to fat-burning after a certain period of fasting makes the process much more understandable.

The point about growth hormone being a natural anti-aging element that we can stimulate ourselves through fasting is particularly intriguing. It’s a good reminder that our bodies have incredible in-built mechanisms for self-repair and health maintenance.

I also appreciate his detailed explanation of autophagy and how it helps in cellular cleansing and fighting off viral infections. It’s fascinating how fasting not only impacts our metabolism but also plays a crucial role in overall cellular health.
The practical tips on how to integrate fasting into daily life, like the 14-16 hour fasts and occasional longer fasts for deeper cellular healing, are super helpful. It’s clear that fasting can be a powerful tool for health when done correctly and with an understanding of our body’s responses.

Overall, this video seems like an excellent resource for anyone curious about the benefits of intermittent fasting and looking to start their fasting journey. Thanks, Dr. Jockers, for breaking it down so well!

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