Upgrade Your Mind & Spine For Optimal Health

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert


  • Are you living with chronic pain, fatigue, a supressed immune function or other chronic symptoms?
  • Your brain being in survival mode could be the main reason you cannot properly start your healing journey
  • We tend to focus on ‘fixing’ the physical symptoms vs looking for and treating the root cause which could be emotional or spiritual
  • When we start to focus on our spine and posture as they relate to our physical, mental and emotional levels of health, we can then tap into the 4 Pillar Model System that has been proven to retrain the mind-body connection so that you can live a high quality of life
Jana Danielson

Alright everyone, welcome back to the Medicine of Mindset summit, I’m Jana Danielson, your host for this whole week, it really is like a mindset extravaganza if you go to any of those restaurants that have buffets, um I hope that throughout this week you’re able to resonate with and really connect to the information and the amazing speakers that we have, you know, sharing their knowledge and not just their knowledge but their wisdom. And what I find is the difference between the two is you know, knowledge is the information that people know wisdom I find is the information that people live and that’s what we’re getting this week from all of our speakers. 

And so I want to introduce you to Dr. Ryan Wohlfert. He is a certified chiropractic sport physician, a certified chiropractic biophysics physician. I like this, his superpower is using specific spine and posture correction to help his patients resolve chronic pain disease and organ dysfunction. And I have a deeply rooted love for the world of chiropractic medicine and care simply because of what it’s done for my family. He’s also a certified mindset specialist. So this is a cool combination helping people retrain their mind, body connection for optimal health and performance With over 22 years of experience. Dr. Ryan has helped thousands correct their mind and body and spine to break free from chronic pain, eliminate dependence on their broken system and make simple healthy pain free living possible and isn’t that what all of us want so Dr. Ryan, thank you so much for being here with us at the medicine of mindset summit.

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