Use Your Superconscious Mind To Heal

Tom McCarthy


  • What is the superconscious mind, how does it work and how can we tap into its unlimited abilities to heal?
  • This session will focus on helping you understand how to let go of old patterns so that the software program in our mind gets an upgrade so that we can live from a new reality
Jana Danielson

Okay everyone, thank you so much for coming back to just continue to maybe dip your toe or jump in with both feet into this week wrong summit that we’re calling The Medicine of Mindset and it really is a pattern interrupt this week, as you know, has been all about taking what we maybe have come to believe as medicine being manufactured in the lab, being prescribed on a piece of paper and flipping that really on its head. I have today with me Tom McCarthy and we’re gonna learn a little bit more about this amazing man, his story, the work that he’s doing and why both he and I feel like if we could return to the definition of medicine, which is inside of us, that our society could be completely up leveled in a beautiful, magical way. 

So Tom, thank you so much for being here. I want to just tell our audience just a little bit about you and then we’re gonna learn more through our conversation. But Tom is a dad, he’s husband, he’s an author, he’s an investor, he’s an entrepreneur and not only that, but he has meandered through multiple different industries, which I absolutely love training software, financial services restaurant. And so what happens when we have those experiences is our mindset has to become a really important part of our operating system or these, this kind of success just doesn’t happen tom again, thank you so much for being here, I’m going to turn the virtual mike over to you and why don’t you start by just giving us a sense of how you came to, you know, kind of drawing your line in the sand and planting your flag in this area of health and wellness.

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