Using Nature’s Essentials To Help Heal​

Adam Gelfand



Learn from an expert in distilling and extracting nature’s essential medicines – “Nature’s Essential Oils” – which ones to use and how to get the most benefit.

Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of the Healthy Hotline. And today, we have an amazing guy, he’s been doing what he’s doing for 30 years. He doesn’t even look 30 years old, frankly, because the things he does keeps you healthy. He’s got the secret for longevity, which is amazing, in the things that he does. His name is Adam Gelfand. And he’s out, you know, and about, I think he’s on the West Coast. As you know, I’m on the East Coast. And he’s a real innovator, he’s a real pioneer. He was doing the things that you guys are reading about on the internet for all the ways that you can kind of get yourself healthy. He’s one of the guys that kind of was on the foundation of actually doing it, not talking about it, not writing about it, he actually was doing it. And he puts all of those sort of elements into the love that he puts into every formulation that he puts together and the theories and foundations behind the things that he does. 

In fact, the name of his company and the way you can get a hold of him is It’s that easy, Elemental Wizdom. Like, we all need elemental wisdom, and he puts that into the things he does. So Adam, welcome to The Healthy Hotline. Everybody viewing today, give us a little backdrop on kind of who you are, how you got inspired to do what you’re doing today, and you know, give us a little background and bring us to where you are today. And then we’re gonna dive into some of the things that you’re doing that is unusual. I mean, I’ve been around this stuff for many years, but no one does it the way you do it. So this is really cool. So tell us about yourself a little bit, Adam, and then we can go, and then we can dive.

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