Using Photomedicine For Mitochondrial Health, Cancer and Activation Of Immune System

Michael Weber


  • The impact of photomedicine on the energy production in cells
  • The health benefits of different colors of the spectrum
  • Impact on stem cells using light
  • Combining light and photosensitizers to kill pathogens and cancer cells
Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Well, Dr. Michael Weber, Thank you so much for joining me at this segment of The Regenerative Medicine Summit. I’m really excited to chat about something that I’m so passionate about and something that I’m using so heavily in my own clinic. I’m excited to have you here. So I want people to kind of understand a little bit. You are the president of American Association of Medical laser Applications, also President of the International Society for Medical laser Applications Board, member of North American Association for laser therapy. You have your revolutionizing the photodynamic therapy for cancer using photo by modulation for regenerative medicine and also photodynamic therapy for so many other components as well in regards to especially with C0V!D what was going on there, you know, and battling other type of infectious agents. And I know you’ve also done a lot of research in regards to stem cell therapy and how to really maximize that using photo by modulation or using laser light, you know. So tell me a little bit about Yeah, because laser when we think about laser, we think about it as something that is destructive. We’re cutting things with it. We are, you know, using laser and that way. So how can laser be used for the benefit of us health wise?

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Using Photomedicine For Mitochondrial Health, Cancer and Activation Of Immune System

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