Using the Power of Your Mind to Heal

Raymon Grace


  • Stories: Transforming arsenic into water in Alberta, Canada.
  • Changing the taste of water on Coast to Coast Radio interview.
  • Transforming ‘Roundup’ into fertilizer and doubling the yield in an alfalfa files.
  • Talk about on going back in time and changing abusive events.
  • About improving conditions in schools and workplaces. Canadian RCMP story.


Tom McCarthy

I have been looking forward to this interview for so long. I really am excited about this interview today because I just actually met, not in person, but over video, our next guest, but I heard about him several years ago. And I’ve always been so intrigued by him and the amazing work that he does. And so I’m excited for myself because I get to ask some questions and learn from this incredible gentlemen, but I’m also so excited for all of you that are going to get to watch this and learn from him. His name is Raymon Grace, and he is the President and Founder of the Raymon Grace Foundation. His work is truly amazing, and we’ll jump into it a little bit later. He does so many good things for people all over the planet. I think last count, and Raymon, you told me, but it’s probably more than this, you’ve reached people in 142 different countries, which I didn’t even know there was that many on the planet. So that is so amazing. He’s written a couple books. “The Future is Yours, Do Something About It,” which I am reading right now and I absolutely love it. And then he wrote a book about raising children and his daughter, April, is a big subject of that book. And then 70 DVDs. 70 DVDs he’s produced with the teachings of what he’s learned over the past 48 years. His work is being used all over the world for self-improvement, but also a big passion of his is water, which most of the planet is covered with water. As human beings, we’re mostly water. So Raymon, thank you so much for taking time to be with us today. I wasn’t exaggerating, I really am so excited about this interview. Thank you so much for being with us.


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