Light Your Soul with Science

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  • SOUL SCIENCE- The credibly proven evidence and demonstration of the influence of unseen energy over human behavior.
  • AGE OF INTUITION- Understanding the Modern Currency and the importance of offsetting the damage technology creates for the
    human soul and how to naturally supercharge your energy levels.
  • GENETIC PERSONALITY SYSTEMS- Utilizing awareness of your individual differentiation of personality to dramatically increase
    communication skills, relationship harmony, and personal satisfaction.
Tom McCarthy

My next guest, I am really excited to introduce everybody to, he’s somebody that has become a great friend, actually within the past year. So, we didn’t even know each other a year ago and now it feel like he’s a brother of mine, a younger brother, I’m much older than him, but someone that I’ve really grown close to, he’s helped me with a lot of things with my new book launch, he was very instrumental in helping me with that, to get it out. And so many other things that he’s actually guided me on. So I’m excited to introduce him to all you. Jaramy Eugene Wilson is somebody who coaches some truly influential people and he’s helped a lot of big names, we’re not gonna mention ’em here, but a lot of big names really launched their careers with books and all sorts of appearances and speaking engagements. But he’s also someone who is truly living from his soul. And that’s a huge passion of his, and that’s why I have him here today is because coming from your soul and really using that soul power that we all have is a way to heal, it’s a way to do great things in your life. 


So, Jaramy is gonna be talking to us about a few concepts here. He’s gonna be talking about soul science, which I’m excited to learn. We’ve had some conversations, but I’m excited to learn more about that. He’s also gonna be talking about something he calls the age of intuition, which is really cool. I’m a huge believer in intuition. I think the super conscious and the super conscious ability to reach out beyond our beings provides us with information, but most people don’t know how to tap into it. So, Jaramy’s probably gonna share some ideas with us on that. And then also something he calls genetic personality systems. So again, I can’t wait to dig in and learn from you young man, but welcome, great having you here.


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