Using Technology To Read The Human Biofield & Balance The Body

Steve McCardell


  • Muscle testing and the interaction of bioenergetic fields.
  • How the NES technology works to read and analyze imbalances in the human biofield.
  • Helping to balance the bodyfield through energetic channels.
  • Imprinting health-supportive information into liquid infoceuticals and the University research that backs it.
Jason Prall

Well, I am so excited to introduce you to our next guest. Steve McArdle co-founded a bio-energetic health clinic in 2007 and has been an independent researcher into quantum biology and energy healing since this time. Over the years, he has explored numerous bio-energetic technologies and has shared his knowledge through books, articles, and public presentations. Today he is the director of education for NES Health, a leading bio-energetics company, And is the co-author of the book “Restore Your Energy with Bio-Energetics”. Steve, welcome, thanks for joining me.


Steve McCardell

Thank you so much for having me, I’m excited to be here.


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Using Technology To Read The Human Biofield & Balance The Body

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