Utilize Light To Target Cancer Cells & Viruses

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Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Hello, everybody, Dr. Karlfeldt. I just want to, this is one of the therapies that I do a lot at the Karlfeldt center, it’s called Photodynamic Therapy. And it’s actually then using light in order to be able to turn on mitochondria in the body, reduce inflammation, also kill off pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, also cancer cells. It’s been heavily researched how photodynamic therapy is very effective in killing cancer cells. One of the issues has been being able to then penetrate deeper into the body and been able to use photodynamic therapy more of an internal level rather than just superficial. It’s been mostly just things like melanoma, skin cancers, where you apply a photosensitizer and then apply light onto that tissue. And photosensitizer is something that absorbs into the tumor more heavily then it draws light to itself, to increase the energy within the tumor to kill off the cancer cells. So that process has evolved and this is the evolution right here. Is where we can then actually treat the bloodstream using photodynamic therapy. But we can also then go after tissue that is deeper in the body and then deliver enough light into that body using laser light, which is a much more powerful form than just a simple LED .So we can penetrate deeper and then trigger them that oxidative reaction, a creation of reactive oxygen species then to kill off cancer cells. 

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