Vagus Nerve Stimulation, The Innate Immune System, & Healing

JP Errico


  • Autonomic nervous system’s impact on our innate immune system causing persistent inflammation
  • The consequences of prolonged inflammation (mitochondrial dysfunction, reactive oxygen species generation, disrupted iron metabolism, insulin resistance, glucose production, dysregulated angiogenesis, etc.)
  • How stimulation of the vagus nerve modulates the key cells of the innate immune system (regulating inflammation through depolarization of macrophages
Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Well Joseph Peter Errico, JP. I’m so excited to have you here talking about something that I’m, I’m so extremely passionate about which is the vagus nerve and people are recognizing the importance of that more and more with all the chronic diseases that we’re dealing with. So I’d like people to get to know you a little bit. You’re, you’re an accomplished investor, received your undergraduate degree and aeronautical engineering from the M. I. T. And worked at the Air Force National Laboratory Lincoln Laboratory’s hold both law and mechanical materials engineering graduate degrees from Duke University, trained as a patent attorney in New York and is the author of treaties on international intellectual property law through ongoing collaboration with investing partners. 

You along with fellow investors and board members Thomas J. Errico previously founded and sold or took public numerous MedTech ventures including fastenetics, K two medical systems, 84 pharma, E two and spine core products conceived by these startup companies have generated more than $15 billion in sales to date and delivered over 500 million and liquidity events to their investors. You also, you also served as CEO of spine core from the inception of the company through its sale and also named investor on more than 125 issued US patents and is a named in inventor, I’m sorry named inventor. More than 100 and 24 issued us patents named inventor on more than 230 pending US applications, additional patents and patent application outside the U. S. On which you are the named inventor number greater than 250. In addition to his current role as chief science of strategy officer. Continue to make significant inventive contributions in all aspects of electric course key patent portfolios along with the clinical and market validation of the company’s products and their indications. So I mean you’ve been around, you’ve been busy.

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