What Is the Difference Between Perimenopause and Menopause and Why Is It So Confusing?

Dr. Mariza Snyder


  • Why is perimenopause and menopause so misunderstood by women and even doctors?
  • Now that you painted a clear picture of perimenopause, can you break down what’s occurring during Menopause?
  • How do you recommend that most women start?
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the Mastering the Menopause Transition Summit. And I am your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. Always thrilled to be here with you for this super important topic. And today is going to be a good one. My guest today is someone who is at the top of my list to have be a part of this summit, so I’m really glad she could take the time to be here with us today. And we are gonna talk about not hormones today. You know how much I love hormones and how important they are for so many things. But today, we’re gonna talk about some of the other underlying things that are equally as important, and that you have to have handled before you even think about throwing hormones into the mix. And so, as we’ve talked about in other episodes, hormones are amazing and they have long-lasting benefits, not just for handling symptoms, but for preventing Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and all of these important chronic illnesses. But they are not a magic bullet, and so you do have to do some of the work on the other areas that we are gonna talk about today. So stay tuned, this is gonna be a good one. My guest today is Dr. Mariza Snyder. She is a bestselling author of eight books, which is just so inspiring. She is an expert in women’s hormones. She’s an expert in essential oil. She has been on lots of media shows, Dr. Oz. She is well-known in the field, and I am honored to have her here with us today. Welcome to the summit. I’m really happy to have you here.

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