What Is Your Body Telling You? Discover How To Finally Heal Yourself

Brandy Gillmore


  • What can you do when meditation does not seem to be working, when affirmations are not enough.
  • Brandy will take you through her 6 year journey from wheelchairs, walkers and canes to full healing based on her own hopeful placebo research
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to The Medicine of Mindset Summit. It’s Jana, I’m back here with you and this next 35 minutes is gonna be exceptional and why I know this is because I got to spend some time with Brandy Gillmore last week and we just got to know each other and really I feel like we became fast friends. She’s spectacular in what she does, how she does it and really how she’s come to serve humanity. It really is fascinating. And so let me tell you a little bit about a little bit more about her. She’s a world renowned mind body expert and we’re gonna learn about her story. She is the host of the award winning podcast, Heal Yourself, Change your life. And she was telling me last week about a few of her guests that just call in to her show and she heals them there on the podcast. So we’re going to learn more about that. 

Her gifts for healing and life transformation began with her own journey and an injury that left her in excruciating pain requiring a wheelchair walker and a cane and not just for a moment in time, but for six years. And when you’re in the middle of six years, that’s a long time. She’s healed herself and now she’s able to heal others with her ability to teach people how to tap into the power of their own minds really, she does have a heart connecting tedX talk and that’s where I first came across her and you’re gonna quickly fall in love with her because she’s just so genuine, she knows her stuff. She’s gonna be showing us some really cool scans to help you understand what is actually going on in this healing process. And so Brandy, thank you so much for being here on our virtual stage today.

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