What Midlife Women Need to Know About Metabolic Health?

Maria Claps and Kristin Johnson


  • Aging – loss of muscle mass, shifting body composition, anabolic resistance, increased insulin resistance and inflammation
  • Declining Hormones – poor gut health, reduced SM, increased IR and inflammation
  • Misguided Interventions to Address Body Composition Change – plant-based + low quality protein, reduced calories, excess
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Sharon Stills, your host of the Mastering the Menopause Transition Summit. I’m excited to have you here today and super excited, ’cause this is my first threesome of the summit and I love it because these women that we’re gonna spend some time with and learn from. Before we got online here, we were talking about how they do everything together and they’re joined at the hip and I thought, this is just such a beautiful expression of sisterhood. And that’s such a theme for mastering the menopause transition. We need our community, we need our sisters, we need to rise each other up. And so I love that we’re gonna have this conversation with not one expert today, but two experts. And so the ladies who are joining me are Maria, who is a health coach and Kristin, a board certified nutritionist. And they are plain spoken friends and practitioners who share a passion for women’s health, especially women’s health at midlife. Hello, everyone who’s listening. And so we’re gonna talk about metabolic health. We’re gonna talk about diet and muscles and all these important things to help you have the healthiest vessel, the healthiest body to go through this transition. And so welcome, Kristin and Maria. I’m super excited you’re here.

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