Why Genetics Are Important To Look At With Long Haul

Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM


  • How do different detox genes possibly affect one’s inability to overcome such a disorder
  • How the histamine genes play a part in continual inflammation
  • How methylation gene defects may add to constant fatigue
Eric Gordon, MD

Okay welcome welcome to another addition. I guess we can call it of long C0V!D and chronic fatigue. We are doing this to let people know the possibilities you know and how they can maybe help themselves and help direct the physicians they’re seeing. Give them some ideas. As you have heard me say many times I’m really a pre initiative of the work that the government is doing on research. I just feel that the treatments that the government sponsored long C0V!D clinics don’t offer much for people. And those of us who’ve been treating chronic fatigue and chronic Lyme and any other chronic illness really all the autoimmune diseases you know we understand this is a problem of chronic inflammation and you usually get here through your environment and your genes and today I have a real pleasure of talking with Dr. Kevin Connors of the Conners Clinic in Somerset Wisconsin and Dr. Conners has done some really good work on understanding how our genes affect these most important systems of detox and inflammation. 

And I hope that you’re going to get information that you can use and help you on your healing journey. This is a big subject. So Dr. Conners I would love to start off with talking about which I think is probably in my mind that one of the basis of chronic illness is the failure to detox and how you approach this and what you’ve seen. So I agree with you failure to get out what’s on the inside that your body is trying to to deal with that you’ve been exposed to either through you know, poisons in the air that you breathe in or that you ingest or endotoxins from viruses and bacteria as they are trying to survive in your body or dying in your body. And your immune system and your detoxification pathways have to deal with. So how do you deal with detoxification? 

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