Why Negative Thinking Is A Habit You Can Unlearn

Georgia Foster


  • What is sabotaging success and how does hypnosis work to unwind these belief systems
  • Learn how you can make healthy emotional changes quickly and why is self-esteem key to making change in our lives
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to another amazing episode here at The Medicine of Mindset Summit. I’m Jana back here with you with, I’m gonna, I don’t even think I have to go out on a limb here and say that this lovely woman that we’re going to get a chance to get to know over the next half an hour, 45 minutes is a friend of mine, our paths cross probably about four or 56 months ago. And you know how there’s people that you connect with and you just connect and you’re like, oh yeah, I want more of her in my life. And so, you know, this project with The Medicine of Mindset Summit was coming up and I immediately asked would you be on my stomach to which she quickly said yes, So this is Georgia Foster, everyone, I want to introduce you to her, we’re gonna be talking all about why negative thinking is a habit that you can unlearn now listen to this amazing woman. She’s a clinical hypnotherapist and a voice dialogue trainer and I can’t wait to dive into that. She specializes in alcohol reduction, emotional overeating self esteem and anxiety. All right. And she lives in Melbourne Australia with all of her boys, her partner Ian and her triplet boys. I’ve got three boys, but they’re not triplets. So when I found out that she birthed three boys at one time, I was like, okay, that is amazing. Ali Finn and Hugh and she’s been featured all over in the media in the UK and Australia. And so we get her all to ourselves on the virtual stage at The Medicine of Mindset Summit. So Georgia, thank you so much for joining us today.

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