Why Oxygen Therapy is so Important

Nathan S Bryan, PhD


  • What is Nitric Oxide and how it works?
  • Why you need Nitric Oxide?
  • How to add Nitric Oxide into your life Hyperbarics, IV Ozone, and activating your immune system?
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody, it’s Robby Besner, back with another episode in our Lyme series. Today, I have one of my best friends, and he’s awesome. It’s my words, but I’d say he’s probably the world’s authority on a transient gas that the body makes called nitric oxide. He’s written a bunch of books. He’s got a bunch of patents, I think it’s more than 20 patents, on the discoveries that he’s made over time. Well-educated, a doctor, amazing guy, a philanthropist. I love him, I love his family. I wanna introduce my dear friend, Dr. Nathan Bryan, to the screen, to the Healthy Hotline. Hey, Nathan, how are you doing today?

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Why Oxygen Therapy is so Important

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