Why People Like Us Do Things Like This

Tracy Steen


  • How can determining smaller more achievable goals in fitness, wellness and nutrition make a bigger impact long term vs grandiose goals that fizzle out?
  • In this episode, Tracy will show us how a mindset of “people like us do things like this” can get you to living the life you have always dreamed of
Jana Danielson

Hey everyone, it’s Jana, thank you so much for returning to this next episode at The Medicine of Mindset Summit. I have the pleasure of introducing a fellow Canadian. Mom Procure Badass, you know, fitness guru, Tracy Steen. So let me just give her a little bit of an introduction here. She’s an online fitness coach and she helps women in their forties, fifties and sixties and beyond with moving daily in their fitness and their nutrition. And so this is like the perfect topic for, you know, we just started a brand new year. Tracy firmly believes in a 360 degree approach to improving one’s health in her online membership. She coaches the women to improve their health by offering structured and well planned workout schedules, offering nutrition coaching to help women improve their relationship with food and really encouraging them to take a deep dive into their well being. So what I love when I was, you know, doing my research on Tracy, it’s not your canned, like here’s your exercise, here’s your eating have at it, right? So that’s one thing we’re gonna be touching on. So along with the many certifications that she has that has really made her an expert in her area. She’s been a guest speaker at numerous conferences and workshops. She feels very passionate and I know we’re going to see that come through today about just helping women not only set their goals, but understand how to reach those targets so that they can start to live you know, a life that has sustainable strategies. So it’s not all on or all off Tracy has amassed a global audience and offers a huge variety of online workouts. So you guys, you gotta find her on Youtube and we’ll get her Youtube channel at the end of our conversation. She has over 1000 free workouts. So obviously has lots to offer, She has her move daily membership and again, fitness wellness and nutrition all packed up into one. She is married to her husband Quentin and has three grown Children and we get her for the next little bit here at the medicine of mindset stage. So Tracy welcome.

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