Why There is No Healthy Diet

Barton Scott


  • Why minerals are a key factor in your health
  • Optimal hormone production without HRT
  • Why most supplements don’t work and what to look out for
  • *If you are a practitioner, a doctor, a health coach / nutritionist, Upgraded Formulas also has a training program for understanding the hair analysis to better help your patients and an affiliate and wholesale program as well
Kashif Khan

All right guys, about a week ago, I had the pleasure of walking into a room, and Bart was speaking, and I learned a little bit more about him, which I’m always gonna share today, but we’re talking to a guy that somehow was a biochemist, a nutritionist, a researcher, and an entrepreneur all wrapped up into one. And has built an amazing business that has been helping a lot of people starting with himself. And we’re gonna learn more about why most diets don’t actually work. There’s a lot more going on the body’s complex as you’ve been learning from various talks. And there’s another perspective we need to share. So first of all, Barton, thanks for joining us.

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