Why Trauma Is Your Biology & Not Psychology

Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH


  • What is the difference between our stress response and our trauma response in our body?
  • Learn the difference and how to know what your body does in each state and how to work your way out of them
  • The discussion of the biology of trauma vs the psychology of trauma will wrap this session
Jana Danielson

All right gang welcome back to the medicine of Mindset summit, it’s Jana Danielson, I am your co host for this jam packed week full of amazing speakers, amazing information that I hope will become wisdom and what I was saying in an earlier episode was I feel like knowledge is knowledge, knowledge is hearing something or reading something and that’s great, but what’s the bridge into bringing it into the realm of who you are, how is it changing you and when you live that knowledge it can over time become wisdom. And so I’m so excited to introduce Dr. Aimie Apigian in who is our next speaker and we’re gonna be chatting with Dr. Amie all about why trauma is your biology, not psychology and I think this is such a perfect topic for the medicine of mindset summit. So let me get you a little more familiar with this amazing woman. She is a leading medical expert on how life experiences get stored in the body and how to restore the body to its best state of health through her signature model and methodology that she calls the biology of trauma. She’s a double board certified medical physician in preventative medicine and addiction medicine. She has a masters in biochemistry and a masters in public health in addition to her medical training, she’s also a functional medicine physician. 

I actually don’t know when she started this maybe when she was like seven years old, I’m not exactly sure and she has training and certification specifically in neuro autoimmunity, nutrition genetics for addictions, mental health and mood and behavioral disorders now and wait because there’s more she brings you the biology of trauma, which really is a new lens and a methodology that courageously both ads and bridges trauma work and medicine by reverse engineering the chronic effects of trauma on the nervous system and on the body at a cellular level. And I believe as most people do in this work or that you’ve been connected to this week. A lot of this comes from her own personal experiences um first for her adopted son and then for herself. And really she’s created this unique lens for understanding trauma and has come out of it, joining the two worlds of neuroscience and trauma therapy in a really unique way. 

She offers a science based solution to how to rewire the nervous system with the biology of trauma. And really this program accelerates the healing journey through resources to resilience presence and aliveness. And I love that now there’s her signature course is a 21 day journey to calm a liveness, which is an experiential journey into the nervous system that is open to all. And then she’s also gone one step further to also help clinicians and she’s done this through her eight module certification course that teaches the protocols of addressing the biology of trauma on the different systems of the body. So in a nutshell, this woman has impacted humans on this earth in a radical way and we are so grateful that Dr. Aimie said yes to the medicine and mindset summit. So welcome. Dr. Aimie well thank you.

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