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What are Environmental Toxicants?

Environmental toxicants, also known as pollutants or contaminants, are substances found in our air, water, and soil that can have negative effects on human health. Environmental toxicants, simply put, are any substances found in the environment that cause adverse health effects. When discussing this subject, it is important to understand the difference between a toxin vs toxicant. Toxins usually refer to toxic substances or organisms that are produced naturally, whereas toxicants refer to toxic materials that are produced because of human-made products and activities. Naturally occurring environmental toxins come from a variety of bacteria, fungi, algae, and plants. Some examples include:

  • Anthrax
  • Botulinum
  • Staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB)
  • Aflatoxins
  • Amanitin
  • Abrin
  • Ricin

Toxicants are produced from a wide range of human activities. Some examples of environmental toxicants include: 

  • Pesticides
  • Benzene
  • Asbestos
  • Heavy metals
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
Environmental Toxins Impact on Autoimmunity

Environmental Toxicant Sources

Toxicants present in the environment can be traced back to a myriad of human-made sources. These sources include, but are not limited to:

  • Industrial mining
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Large-scale agriculture
  • Transportation exhaust
  • Waste disposal

Activities like these often result in toxic chemicals and compounds being released into the air, water, and soil. People may come into contact with these toxicants directly via environmental exposure, or indirectly through food chain contamination. 

Understanding what environmental toxicants are and where they come from is important so that people can reduce their exposure and minimize the risk of chronic diseases.

Environmental Toxicants and Chronic Diseases

Navigating the intricate landscape of daily toxin exposure poses a challenging question, as quantifying the exact number remains elusive. However, the implications for human health loom large, escalating as research uncovers an intricate web of associations between toxicant exposure and an array of health intricacies and enduring ailments. This burgeoning concern serves as a clarion call, urging us to comprehend the nuanced interplay between toxins and our well-being, fostering a proactive approach towards mitigating potential health hazards.

Impact on Autoimmunity

One area of particular concern is the link between environmental toxicants and autoimmunity. Autoimmune disorders cause the body to mistakenly attack ists own healthy cells and tissues, causing unwanted and unhealthy deterioration. Common autoimmune disorders include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Crohn’s disease

Research suggests that exposure to toxic pollution linked to higher autoimmune diseases present in the population. This means that exposure to human-made toxicants may put you at a higher risk of developing these diseases, or worsen symptoms in people who already have them.

Impact on Chronic Diseases

In addition to autoimmunity, environmental toxicants have also been linked to a wide range of chronic diseases. These diseases include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Neurological disorders

While there is still much research on the effect of toxins on the human body to be done, early findings have shown that increased exposure to harmful toxicants can disrupt normal cell and tissue functions causing inflammation and chronic diseases like those mentioned above.

The Environmental Toxicants, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Diseases Summit 2023

The 2023 Environmental Toxicants, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Diseases Summit is an innovative online conference taking place from April 11 – 17, 2023 that will cover how intermittent fasting and detox can combat the adverse health effects resulting from chronic exposure to environmental toxicants and environmental toxins. At this event, more than 40 world-renowned experts in fasting, nutrition, detox, medicine, science, and more will present on how to prevent, diagnose, manage, and treat chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases that stem from exposure to toxins in the environment. This summit, hosted by the esteemed Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA and Edward Levitan, MD, is sure to be an enlightening experience that will teach you how you can boost longevity, heal autoimmunity, reverse and manage chronic illness, improve physical and mental performance, boost brain health, and slow your aging process. It is unsettling how many toxins we are exposed to daily, arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to live the healthy and vibrant life you deserve. 

Benefits of Attending the Summit

At the summit, you will learn about the latest research on the impact of environmental toxicants on human health and gain practical strategies for reducing your exposure. You will learn how to use intermittent fasting and healthy detox methods to minimize your risk of autoimmune and chronic diseases. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a patient, or simply someone interested in improving your overall longevity, the 2023 Environmental Toxicants, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Diseases Summit is a valuable opportunity to learn from the best and take control of your health.  

Learn From Experts on Environmental Toxicants & Autoimmunity

There is no doubt that environmental toxicants are a major concern for human health. With more and more research finding correlations between toxicant exposure and autoimmunity/ chronic diseases, attending the Environmental Toxicants, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Diseases Summit 2023 is a must for anyone that wants to ensure a long and healthy life. Register today and learn from leading experts in the field of toxicants and chronic diseases about how you can prevent exposure, manage symptoms, and heal your body. Your vibrant, healthy life starts here!

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