AJ Lanigan

Over the past 20 years, there has not been a more productive and respected individual advancing Beta Glucans’ science and education and their safety and benefits to overall health. AJ has taken the lead with some of the most brilliant researchers of our time, leading to unparalleled accomplishments in developing high-quality products and promoting educational research, which now appears in peer-reviewed medical journals, books, plus educational lectures given around the globe. These works now comprise the backbone for understanding the immune response and how Beta Glucan can help the immune system work at its best. AJ consistently promotes the use of evidence-based, peer-reviewed science to help eliminate confusion in the marketplace so that every individual can make the best decisions relative to their health. AJ continues to lead MDs, PhDs, amateur and professional healthcare leaders to understand the immune response better. When introducing AJ to an enormous crowd @ a Truth About Cancer event, live-streaming around the world, Robert Scott Bell said, “He’s either the most intelligent, funny guy or the funniest, intelligent guy he had ever met.”  AJ today maintains that even young children need to understand the basics of the immune response.

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