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Julia Lundstrom

Julia Lundstrom is a neuroscience and brain health educator and the CEO and founder of Simple Smart Science. She is on a mission to decrease the number of dementia cases by 50% by 2050. In the last 10 years, she has created her 10 Pillars of Brain Health in teaching older adults how get optimal brain health through her Memory Guru program and looking at the body holistically, starting from the brain on down.

She has had over 1.4 million people attend her workshops and has over 110,000 copies of her book: The Brain Owners Owner’s Manual: 3 Simple Solutions to Quickly Boosting Your Memory in print.

Now, she is focusing on bringing her 10 Pillars of Brain Health to people’s homes through her retirement community initiative and her academy to get more ‘boots on the ground’ in helping more people become Certified Memory and Cognition Coaches.

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