JW Oliver Jr.

J.W Oliver is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He was born in Evreux, France, and is the proud son of a USAF Veteran and an awesome mom. He grew up in a poor family but was raised by a supportive and loving family that nurtured him from the reality of their less than privileged circumstances.

His objective is to assist organizations by leveraging growth, increasing productivity, managing costs, and freeing up time utilizing virtual/remote teams. He is proud to be a Christ focused entrepreneur, husband to an amazing wife, and father to two awesome adult children who love the Lord. JW started a non-profit that serves Haiti and Africa. He has adopted a Win, Win, Win philosophy of helping businesses be their very best through virtual team members and making a Global Impact by creating professional work opportunities and donating 51% of all profits to ministries around the world.

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