Kate Kunkel

Kate Kunkel turned her mother’s tragic illness and death from dementia into her mission in life. When she learned that this and most dementias were preventable, Kate expanded her healing work as a sound therapist and vegan nutritionist and became an Amen Certified Brain Health Professional.

Now, through coaching, retreats, and in her books and podcast, Kate helps people take action to remedy the mental and physical health issues that can threaten their ability to learn, remember, make good decisions, and enjoy a healthy and vibrant future.

Kate is also the international best-selling author of “Don’t Let the Memories Fade”, a holistic guide to preventing dementia, and The Healthy Brain Series of Short Reads including The Vegan Brain, The Plant Lovers’ Fast-Start Guide and The Musical Brain.

Kate’s passion and empathy shines through in her commitment to better brain health for all, reminding us that it is never too early to look after your brain, but it can become too late.


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