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Melissa Nohr, JD, BCHHP, CBNP

Melissa is a Board-Certified Health Practitioner and Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Coach. She has worked with Dr. Jockers as a health coach and writer for many years and is director of health coaching for DrJockers.com. Melissa is also a ReCode Certified Health Coach, a SIBO Mastery practitioner, and a 3×4 Genetics certified practitioner.

After working for ten years as a successful litigation attorney, Melissa changed careers to pursue her interest in health and nutrition. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and continued her education with hundreds of hours of in-depth study. She expanded her nutrition and functional medicine training by completing the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute and the Institute for Nutritional Leadership. She also completed the Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis course with the Metabolic Healing Institute.

Melissa has a passion for working with individuals with complex health issues including cancer, metabolic diseases, autoimmune conditions, and inflammatory conditions. Having suffered from various infections and digestive issues herself, Melissa prioritizes gut health and reducing inflammation in the body. Melissa believes the essentials of healing and good health are prioritizing restorative sleep, optimizing nutrition, and effectively managing stress.

Melissa works with clients at Exodus Health Center and long distance via zoom or telephone. She supports and guides clients in developing and maintaining nutrition and lifestyle strategies to meet their health goals.

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