Mike Watson

Mike’s Mantra: “Never tell me it can’t be done”

Mike is a serial inventor and founder CEO of Tube Tech International (TTIL), a world leader in engineered technologies to remove fouling within all global energy sectors. His personal strengths include attention to detail, building high-performance teams and mentoring small SMEs. In 1985, Mike founded TTIL when he left the armed forces, having served in an overseas regiment. TTIL now provides bespoke “process fouling removal” technologies to multiple oil and gas majors, including Holly Frontier, Citgo, Texaco, BP, Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil and Chevron. TTIL has a strong management team behind 15 ongoing R&D projects, delivering a globally unique product range with a return on investment of typically 40:1 per project. Mike has 30 applied patents both personally and with TTIL, seven of which are filed globally. He is most passionate about medical, environmental and engineering research.

In 2000, Barclays UK officially validated TTIL as the most profitable company per head of employee within its field of industrial cleaning. That same year the company was awarded what remains arguably the largest ever international cleaning contract in industry to date, when TTIL was challenged by Shell to solve a problem that required the mobilization of its team to a hostile Nigerian environment. The project also required the hire of several commercial jets to air-freight all equipment, given the scale of the contract, ultimately saving over $200m for the client. TTIL is now the only company globally to develop high-temperature mechanical technologies to remove process fouling at 650 o C, without the need to shut down refineries.

In 2017, Mike employed a former ExxonMobil finance executive as managing director to run the Tube Tech International group of companies, allowing him more time to explore his passions in the medical, engineering and environmental sectors. In 2018, Mike was nominated Chairman of the European Industrial Water Jetting Association and Chairman of a new global cleaning standards committee being established by the American Petroleum Institute, mandated to the Senate.In 2018, Mike presented at the European Union Public Policy Makers’ Conference in Brussels to highlight the true USD1 trillion value chain of CO2 carbon plastic capture and utilisation, converting both into viable products to create a circular carbon-free economy. In 2018, Mike established three new start-up companies:

Watson Medical Ltd. A start-up borne out of Mike’s personal health challenges and a revelation of conventional medicine vs alternatives. WM now supports the incubation of five personally seed-invested projects:

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