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Sean Dillon

High intensity PEMF therapy for humans has been in Sean’s family for over 15 years. His mother, Carmen, was a triage nurse of a busy Emergency room before she found PEMF. Her medical background gave Sean an innate understanding of medicine, disease and western treatments. With this knowledge Sean was confident in using high intensity PEMF as a practice.

He opened his practice 8 years ago in British Columbia Canada. Sean quickly developed a system of recording each PEMFiT session which allowed him to notice similarities within results and therefore able to confidentially develop protocols for each ailment humans have.

With these protocols and experince he has shifted his focus to training and guiding people to open their own practice using the PEMF120 generator. Sean believes and understands that every human needs PEMF’s added to their healthy lifestyle. By helping people open their own practice is one way he is helping this amazing modality reach more people.

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