Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy is a husband, father, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and investor who has owned businesses in the training, software, financial services, and restaurant industries. Tom’s clients in his training business include some of the worlds leading companies such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, and MetLife. His latest book, The Breakthrough Code, details his 3-Step system for creating a breakthrough in any area of your life. After his father’s death, when Tom was three years old, he struggled for years with fears and anxieties and constant physical maladies. After exhausting traditional medicine and not finding answers, he eventually turned to energy medicine. It was then that he discovered the true mind-body connection that was causing the chronic illnesses that he was experiencing. Over the years, Tom has met many wise and caring healers that have helped him lead a healthy and energetic life. Recognizing that much of the world is still not aware of energy medicine, and its ability to help ease the pain of many chronic illnesses led him to create his newest company Life Force Blessings.

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