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Dale Bredesen MD 400x400 1

Dale Bredesen, MD

Preventing Cognitive Decline

  • Understand the equation that leads to neurodegeneration
  • Learn about the simple things you can do today to help stop cognitive decline
  • Discover the best new testing methods for Alzheimer’s
David Perlmutter 400x400 1

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN

Uncover Lifestyle Secrets For Cognitive Longevity

  • Understand how increasing nitric oxide levels through dietary choices can improve blood flow and energy use in the brain
  • Uncover the role of bioenergetics and mitochondrial function in brain health, and the importance of proper diet, exercise, and sleep
  • Learn how supporting a healthy gut microbiome through diet and the right supplements can influence brain health, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s
Ari Whitten MS 400x400 1

Ari Whitten, MS



Mohammed Elamir MD 400x400 1

Mohammed Elamir, MD

Revitalize Your Memory With HBOT Therapy

  • Learn how HBOT enhances oxygen delivery to the brain, promoting healing and cognitive function improvement
  • Discover research showcasing cognitive improvements in patients undergoing HBOT
  • Explore HBOT’s promising role in combating cognitive decline and dementia
Terry Wahls MD 400x400 2

Terry Wahls, MD

How To Uncover Keys To Halting Neurodegeneration

  • Unlock the power of your brain to combat neurodegenerative diseases through neuroplasticity and neurogenesis
  • Find out how early detection, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional strategies can slow or reverse cognitive decline
  • Explore the potential to turn back the clock on neurodegenerative conditions with the latest breakthroughs
Heather and Dale 400x400 1

Heather Sandison, ND and Dale Bredesen, MD



Dayan Goodenowe PhD 400x400 1

Dayan Goodenowe, PhD

Plasmalogen Therapy for Cognitive Restoration In Dementia

  • Learn Why Depleted Brain Plasmalogen Levels is a Key Causal Mechanism in Dementia
  • Learn How to Restore Brain Plasmalogens with Plasmalogen Precursors
  • Learn How Advanced MRI can be used to Monitor Brain Structure and Function Restoration in Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Learn How Advanced Blood Testing Can be used to identify and correct the key biochemical deficiencies that contribute to Dementia
    Practical case studies will be presented that you can follow in your practice
austin perlmutter 400x400 1

Austin Perlmutter, MD

How To Boost Your Brain Health

  • Discover how prioritizing quality sleep can significantly enhance brain function, memory, and overall mental health
  • Gain insights into how microglial cells regulate brain immune function and the impact of inflammation on diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • Learn about the fascinating effects of psychedelics on brain health, including their impact on immune function and mental health conditions
Catharine Arnston 400x400 1

Catharine Arnston

Brain Health Unlocked: The Power Of Algae

  • Discover algae’s potent benefits for brain energy and repair, highlighting spirulina and chlorella’s role in mitochondrial health
  • Understand algae’s nutritional power, particularly for the brain, through essential compounds like superoxide dismutase
  • Learn the importance of algae’s sourcing and processing to maintain its health-boosting properties for brain support
Peter Kan


Uncover Your Path To Neurological Resilience

  • Uncover the powerful synergy between functional neurology and functional medicine
  • Gain insights into perspective on Alzheimer’s disease as part of an autoimmune spectrum
  • Discover the holistic strategies for Alzheimer’s care that go beyond conventional treatments
Kenneth Sharlin

Kenneth Sharlin, MD, MPH, IFMCP

Unlocking Neurology's Pillars For Alzheimer's Care

  • Learn how lifestyle changes, precise diagnosis, and modern treatments can impact Alzheimer’s and cognitive health
  • Uncover how your daily habits, environment, and stress levels directly influence neurological well-being
  • Gain insights into cutting-edge treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
David Jockers DNM DC MS 400x400 1

David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Revitalize Your Brain With Ketogenic Benefits

  • Learn how a ketogenic diet reduces brain inflammation and improves mental clarity by stabilizing blood sugar
  • Understand the importance of protein-rich diets and strength training in maintaining muscle mass and brain health
  • Explore exercises to enhance brain function and synaptic connections
Julia Lundstrom 400x400 1

Julia Lundstrum

Prevent Dementia: Julia Lindstrom's Brain Health Plan

  • Explore tailored prevention plans, focusing on diet, sleep, exercise, and social connections for brain health
  • Uncover how genetics influence brain health and discover individualized strategies to combat memory loss and cognitive decline
  • Learn the ten pillars of brain health and actionable steps to integrate them into your daily routine for optimal mental well-being
Joel Kahn MD FACC2 400x400 1

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Protect Your Brain By Guarding Your Heart

  • Discover the link between heart health and brain function, learning how optimal blood flow supports cognitive health
  • Understand how to monitor and manage your vascular health with simple at-home measures to prevent both heart disease and dementia
  • Gain insights into lifestyle changes that can significantly reduce the risk of vascular dementia
Jason Prall

Jason Prall

Optimize Light & Sleep For Healthy Circadian Rhythms

  • Learn how light exposure affects our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms
  • Discover methods to improve your environment for better sleep
  • Explore tools and practices to improve sleep quality and align circadian rhythms, supporting brain health and cognitive function
Robert Love PhD 400x400 1

Robert Love, PhD

Boost Brain Power With Omega-3s

  • Learn actionable strategies to combat cognitive decline through diet, exercise, and mental stimulation
  • Discover how omega-3-rich foods and key supplements can protect and enhance brain function
  • Gain insights into the science of growing new brain cells for improved memory and cognitive health
Greg Eckel 400x400 1

Greg Eckel, ND, LAc

Your Guide To ApoE4 & Alzheimer's Risk

  • Discover what the ApoE4 allele is, and why it is significant in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Learn about lifestyle and dietary changes that mitigate risks associated with the ApoE4 variant
  • Explore the emotional and psychological support available for individuals carrying the ApoE4 allele
2024 Connie Zack

Connie Zack

Uncover The Power Of Infrared Sauna Therapy

  • Discover the transformative power of infrared sauna therapy and how it can directly warm your body
  • Understand the spectrum of infrared light, and how each type offers specific health benefits
  • Gain insights into the practical benefits of sauna use, from detoxification and pain relief to boosting energy levels and cognitive function
Kevin Ellis 400x400 1

Kevin Ellis



Marc Gilson 400x400 1

Marc Gilson



Patrick Porter

Patrick Porter, PhD

Enhance Your Brain Health With Light And Sound Therapy

  • Discover the benefits of light and sound therapy for brain health
  • Understand the importance of deep sleep and stress management for cognitive function
  • Adopt a holistic approach to brain health with nutrition, exercise, and brain exercises
Kate Kunkel 400x400 1

Kate Kunkel

Unlock Music's Power In Alzheimer's Care

  • Explore how music therapy can enhance cognitive responses, and emotional well-being in individuals with Alzheimer’s
  • Learn about the specific types of music and rhythms that are most effective in Alzheimer’s therapy
  • Understand practical ways caregivers can incorporate music therapy into daily routines
Peter Osborne 400x400 1

Peter Osborne, DC

Protect Your Brain: Combat Gluten-Related Damage

  • Learn how gluten impacts brain health, altering the microbiome and increasing neuroinflammation risks
  • Understand the systemic effects of gluten on the blood-brain barrier and its link to cognitive decline
  • Discover the benefits of a comprehensive gluten-free diet for reducing neurodegenerative disease risks
Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Unlock Sleep's Role In Alzheimer's Prevention

  • Discover how sleep deprivation increases Alzheimer’s-related proteins, highlighting the role of sleep in brain health
  • nderstand the link between sleep apnea and Alzheimer’s, emphasizing early diagnosis and treatment
  • Learn how diet affects sleep quality, which affects overall cognitive function
Stephen Gundry 400x400 1

Steven Gundry, MD

Healing The Brain-Gut Connection

  • Discover the link between gut health and cognitive functions, highlighting the impact of a leaky gut on diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • Learn how dietary choices can repair gut leakiness, potentially reversing symptoms of neurological decline
  • Understand the importance of early interventions in gut health, to prevent the onset or progression of cognitive difficulties
Richard Horowitz 2024 400x400 1

Richard Horowitz, MD

Unlock Your Mind: Combat Cognitive Decline From Lyme

  • Learn how tick-borne diseases can affect your brain and memory, and the importance of recognizing early symptoms
  • Explore the Dapsone Protocol’s role in fighting chronic Lyme disease and potentially improving cognitive function
  • Discover how diet and lifestyle adjustments can combat the effects of Lyme disease on your brain health
Margaret Christensen 400x400 1

Margaret Christensen, MD



Dawson Church New 400x400 1

Dawson Church, PhD

Gain Clarity: Meditation's Role In Brain Health

  • Discover how meditation influences brain health in those with Alzheimer’s or at risk
  • Learn about specific meditation techniques that target memory and cognition areas in the brain
  • Explore the benefits of meditation for the mental well-being of Alzheimer’s patients
Jana Danielson 400x400 1

Jana Danielson

Enhance Your Pelvic Health: Essential Tips

  • Learn how diaphragmatic breathing strengthens your pelvic floor and enhances overall wellness
  • Understand how proper hydration and posture significantly impact pelvic health and prevent dysfunction
  • Discover the benefits of Pilates and movement exercises in strengthening and balancing your pelvic floor
Michael Morgan 400x400 1

Michael Morgan

Unlock The Potential Of Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Discover how cranial sacral therapy can enhance relaxation and alleviate stress, offering potential benefits in dementia management
  • Understand the role of this therapy in improving brain function through subtle manipulations that boost cerebrospinal fluid flow
  • Learn about the potential of cranial sacral therapy as a supportive treatment in dementia care
Jill Simpson 400x400 1

Jill Simpson

Rhythmic Exercises For Dementia Wellness

  • Discover how rhythmic movement and music can significantly enhance cognitive functions in individuals with Alzheimer’s
  • Understand the importance of varied and engaging physical activities in boosting seniors’ brain health and overall well-being
  • Learn how simple tools and props can transform everyday routines into effective mental agility and physical fitness exercises
Ryan Glatt 400x400 1

Ryan Glatt

How to Boost Your Brain With Custom Exercise

  • Delve into how different exercises boost brain health
  • Incorporate mental tasks into physical workouts for enhanced brain benefits
  • Tailor exercise to individual cognitive and health needs for maximum effectiveness
2024 Neil Nathan 400x400 1

Neil Nathan, MD



James Hamet 400x400 1

James Hamet

Revolutionizing Dementia Diagnostics With AI

  • Learn how AI can redefine dementia evaluation, offering precise and non-invasive diagnostic alternatives
  • Gain insights into how changes in visual perception can be early indicators of cognitive decline
  • Uncover how technology like EEG and AI can streamline the diagnosis process, making it more efficient and less costly
Mary Newport MD

Mary Newport, MD

Boost Your Brain: Unlocking The Power Of Ketosis

  • Discover how certain oils can enhance cognitive function and stabilize Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • Learn how a ketogenic diet can serve as an alternative fuel for the brain, enhancing memory and cognition
  • Achieve metabolic flexibility by balancing fats and carbohydrates in your diet to optimize cognitive health
Shivani Gupta 400x400 1

Shivani Gupta, PhD

Boost Your Brain Health With Ayurvedic Wisdom

  • Emphasize the link between gut and brain health and discover how Ayurveda can help maintain cognitive function
  • Learn how integrating spices like turmeric into your diet can significantly reduce inflammation and enhance overall brain health
  • Understand the importance of a holistic lifestyle, including diet and Ayurvedic practices, in preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s
Howard Hindin DDS 400x400 1

Howard Hindin, DDS

Your Oral Health's Role In Memory

  • Learn how keeping your mouth healthy could protect your memory and lower the risk of brain fog and Alzheimer’s
  • Find out how treating sleep apnea and improving your breathing at night can sharpen your mind and enhance brain health
  • Discover why regular dental check-ups and addressing oral health early can be your secret weapon against cognitive decline
Kara Fitzgerald 400x400 1

Kara Fitzgerald, ND, IFMCP



Chris Shade 400x400 1

Christopher Shade, PhD



Joshua Helman MD 400x400 1

Joshua Helman, MD

Discover The Key To Fighting Alzheimer's With Fasting

  • Learn how fasting can significantly lower inflammation and detoxify your body, helping to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Gain insights into how a primarily raw, plant-based diet can protect your blood vessels and support overall brain health
  • Discover the promising effects of new treatments for immune modulation in Alzheimer’s
Ann Hathaway

Ann Hathaway, MD

Enhancing Brain Health With HRT

  • Learn how hormone replacement therapy benefits cognition in postmenopausal women
  • Discover why starting HRT at menopause with the right delivery method is vital for maximizing its benefits
  • Understand the importance of a personalized approach to HRT, for maintaining brain and overall health
Hans Frykman 400x400 1

Hans Frykman, MD, PhD



Rammohan Rao 400x400 1

Ram Rao, PhD, AP

Boost Your Brain: Ayurvedic Neuro Secrets

  • Discover how Ayurvedic practices and modern neuroscience can improve cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline
  • Explore the scientific basis of Ayurvedic practices that offer promising approaches to Alzheimer’s prevention and holistic brain health
  • Learn how combining Ayurvedic wisdom with neurological insights can help manage and prevent dementia
Brian Karr 400x400 1

Brian Karr



Charles Whitney 400x400 1

Dr. Charles Whitney



You’re also getting these bonuses FREE

Activities For Brain Health Guide

Activities For Brain Health Guide

By Heather Sandison, ND

Enhance your cognitive function and unlock your brain’s true potential with Dr. Heather Sandison’s Activities for Brain Health Guide! Discover a collection of activities that increase blood flow, create new neurons, and build mental and physical resilience. By incorporating nature, social connectedness, and movement into your daily routine, you can improve your cognitive score, increase hippocampal volume, and enhance your memory. Don’t miss out on this transformative guide to optimizing your brain health and boosting your overall well-being!

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Marama Conversation Guide Cover

Marama Conversation Guide

By Heather Sandison, ND

Struggling to navigate tough decisions about memory care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia? Our FREE Conversation Guide ebook is your roadmap through serious topics like hiring a caregiver or transitioning to a care facility. Get practical advice on having these difficult conversations with compassion and understanding. Let’s face the challenges together! Download this FREE guide and gain the confidence to address the aspects of memory care.

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Brain Regeneration Guide Cover

Brain Regeneration Guide

By David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

This image-rich 42-page, research-based guide can be read through in less than 1 hour and will show you the best strategies and protocols to heal a toxic brain and regain control of your mood, memory and brain health. You will discover:

  • The Groundbreaking Science of Neurogenesis
  • Neuroplasticity and How to Rewire Your Brain
  • The Best Foods and Herbs for Brain Health
  • The Importance of the Gut-Brain Axis
  • How To Stimulate Brain Cell Autophagy
  • Regain Control of Your Mood, Memory and Brain Health

I can assure you that you will know the very best strategies to take care of your brain for a lifetime after reading this!

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3 Secrets To Stronger Bones eBook

3 Little Known Secrets To Build Stronger Bones

By Kevin Ellis

Worried about fractures as you age? Build stronger bones and prevent fracture and injury with the 3 Secrets To Stronger Bones eBook today! Presented by BoneCoach™ Kevin Ellis. Reviewed by medical doctors and our team of credentialed experts. Get confident in your stronger bones plan today.

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Using PEMF Devices for the Management of Neurological Disorders and Pain Conditions 1

Using PEMF Devices For The Management Of Neurological Disorders And Pain Conditions

By William Pawluk, MD, MSc

There is no worse pain than neurological pain caused by a chronic condition. Want to rid yourself of neurological pain for good? Drop your email below to get Dr. William Pawluk’s guide, Using PEMF Devices for the Management of Neurological Disorders and Pain Conditions.

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5 Science Backed Secrets for Better Sleep E Book Cover

5 Science-Backed Secrets For Better Sleep e-book

By Austin Perlmutter, MD

Why do so many of us have trouble sleeping, and what can we do about it right now?

In this 25-page e-book, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Austin Perlmutter explores the powerful science of sleep and provides tips on simple steps to improve your sleep, starting tonight!

With a focus on key strategies scientifically linked to better sleep, this guide is a powerful tool to help you reclaim a great night’s rest.

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Two FREE Fitness For Your Aging Brain Online Classes With Jill Simpson A Discount On Registration

Two FREE Fitness For Your Aging Brain Online Classes With Jill Simpson & A Discount On Registration

By Jill Simpson

Give your brain and body a workout with two FREE Fitness for Your Aging Brain online classes.

Your classes are part of my YouTube dementia ‘Preventative Stream’ designed for those who wish to keep their brains active, healthy, and challenged as they age. I promise to get you smiling, get you moving, and get you thinking on your feet…literally!

I developed these fun and challenging physical exercises to improve your balance, strength, and coordination while stimulating your brain to problem-solve and think in new and different ways.

Relax and have fun with the classes. Please do not take anything too seriously. The value is in the process of figuring things out, not in perfecting anything. Learn to laugh at the crazy things your body and brain do when you’re not giving them your full attention.

NOTE: Live weekly classes on Zoom are also available. You will be getting to know people from across the country who, like you, are proactively taking action to ensure healthy cognitive aging.

Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit registrants receive a discount on registration for their first eight-part live series.



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Introduction and Sample Recipes from The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

Introduction And Sample Recipes From The Wahls Protocol Cooking For Life: The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan To Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

By Terry Wahls, MD

Dr. Terry Wahls has created a companion cookbook to help people adopt and sustain each level of the Wahls™ diet plans. This gift contains the introduction The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life describing my recovery from severe disability and how I teach the concepts I used for my healing in my clinics at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Iowa City. It also includes five delicious recipes to help get you started on healthy eating.

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Renew Your Body Movement As Medicine

Renew Your Body - Movement As Medicine

By Jana Danielson

“Renew Your Body: Movement as Medicine” movement series as a solution to a problem that I encountered over 15 years ago when I was starting out as a Pilates Instructor. I had people coming to see me for classes who had various stages and types of arthritis, osteoporosis, bulging or herniated discs and although I knew that Pilates-based movement was an amazing way to create good quality of movement, less pain and higher energy, I also knew that some of the classical Pilates exercises were not safe for a body living in those situations. At my studio I developed a class called Mat Foundations that removed those ‘contraindicated’ or less than optimal movements and kept all the yummy good-for-you movements that support the body and strengthen it in a safe and effective way.

I am so excited to bring this 5 step movement series online to you. Please do take the time to watch the videos first and pop over to the Educate Me videos. These 7 videos will explain the important concepts that will take your level of understanding about your body to the next level and will positively impact the way you live. Once you watch these Educate Me videos, go back and do the 5 Step Movement videos over and over again, you will start to notice more mindful execution and understanding of your movement as you go through your activities of daily living. It is the refinement of your movement patterns that we are trying to improve. It is critical for your brain to understand what your body is trying to do, otherwise, what is the point?

Thank you for choosing to invest in the “Renew Your Body: Movement as Medicine” course!

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The Musical Brain

The Musical Brain

By Kate Kunkel

An Inspiring Path to a Better Brain and a Healthier Life.

Music is much more than a diversion or a pleasant accompaniment to our lives. By singing, dancing, listening mindfully, and especially playing a musical instrument, you will enhance your ability to learn, remember, and improve your health now, while protecting your brain for the future.

This book is filled with fun and easy action steps that you can take right away. Most of them are things you can incorporate into your life with little or no extra time, and they will help you improve your memory, cut the brain fog and reduce stress.

In The Musical Brain, you’ll also learn to appreciate the sounds of silence, which can actually inspire the growth of new brain cells! And you’ll be able to analyze your environment so that you can recognize the sounds and frequencies, including music, that can be helpful OR detrimental to your physical and mental health.

From there, you’ll be equipped to deal with those distractions in a healthy way to protect your brain and improve your ability to concentrate, plan, and make decisions.

You’ll also learn how to listen mindfully, which is one of the most powerful ways to boost your memory and your ability to interpret and act on new information.

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Keto Diet Guide Cover New

Keto Diet Guide

By Heather Sandison, ND

Dr. Heather Sandison has helped numerous individuals optimize their cognitive function and reverse cognitive decline, incorporating a comprehensive, science-backed approach to embracing the ketogenic diet. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced keto enthusiast, this comprehensive eBook offers a roadmap to harness the power of ketosis, where your body efficiently burns fat for fuel, aiding in the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and leading to enhanced cognitive function, metabolic flexibility, and a host of health benefits.

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Toxins and Heart Disease Cover

Toxins And Heart Disease

By Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Avoiding heart disease and feeling your best is not only about diet, sleep, fitness, and stress management. We live in a world with 80,000 industrial chemicals not present over 100 years ago and they can take a toll on our health. Having some knowledge about the risks of plastics, chemical additives in personal use items, heavy metals like mercury, and newer toxins like PFOS are important to strive for optimal health, optimal heart function, and optimal longevity. This guide will provide an understanding of the risks and strategies to live your cleanest life.

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Re Vitalize Your Brain Cover

Re-Vitalize Your Brain: 7 Tools To Prevent Memory Loss And Protect Your Aging Brain

By Kenneth Sharlin, MD, MPH, IFMCP

From Dr. Sharlin and his **Brain Tune Up!** team, we proudly present our comprehensive health guide designed to empower you on your journey toward optimal brain health. **”Revitalize Your Brain”** offers a wealth of knowledge, drawing from the expertise of key thought leaders in Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. Within its pages, you’ll discover seven powerful tools meticulously crafted to safeguard your brain as you age. These evidence-based strategies promise to enhance your quality of life, preserve cognitive function, and lighten the burden of illness. Whether you are seeking preventive measures or actively managing memory concerns, this guide equips you with actionable steps to nurture your brain’s vitality and resilience.

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Sleep With Ease To Beat Back Alzheimer s Disease

Sleep With Ease To Beat Back Alzheimer's Disease

By Audrey Wells, MD

Did you know that sleep disorders such as sleep apnea have been linked to an increased risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease? Use this guide to understand how sleep changes with Alzheimer’s disease, get sleep tips for people with Alzheimer’s disease, and advice on using sleep medication.

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Sauna Guide

Sauna Guide With Special Summit Savings!

By Sunlighten

This sauna guide provides 4 things to know when considering the addition of a sauna to your wellness routine. Infrared is not new, but it is new to a lot of people, so we want to help! The guide explains what infrared is, the health benefits of infrared therapy, the research behind infrared, as well as a few highlights from sauna experts. The best news is, when you follow the links within the guide you can save up to $600 on your purchase!

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Meet Your Summit Hosts

Heather Sandison New

Heather Sandison, ND

Dr. Heather Sandison is the founder of Solcere Health Clinic and Marama, the first residential care facility for the elderly of its kind.

At Solcere, Dr. Sandison and her team of doctors and health coaches focus primarily on supporting patients looking to optimize cognitive function, prevent mental decline, and reverse dementia by addressing root causes of imbalance in the brain and body.

She was awarded a grant to study an individualized, integrative approach to reversing dementia and is a primary investigator on the ITHNCLR clinical trial.

At Marama, Dr. Sandison has created an immersive residential experience in the lifestyle proven to best support brain health. She understands that changing your diet, adding nutrients, creating community and optimizing a healing environment are all challenging even
for those will full cognitive capacity. At Marama, she’s done the work for you. All you need to do is show up.

She is also the host of the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit and Collective Insights Podcast where she works to share what is possible for those suffering with dementia.

Dale Bredesen MD.jpg

Dale Bredesen, MD

Dr. Bredesen graduated from Caltech and received his MD from Duke. He served as Resident and Chief Resident in Neurology at UCSF, then was a postdoctoral fellow with Nobel laureate Prof. Stanley Prusiner. He was the Founding President of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

The Bredesen Laboratory studied basic mechanisms underlying the neurodegenerative process and the translation into effective therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease, leading to the publication of over 220 research papers. He established the Alzheimer’s Drug Development Network with Dr. Varghese John, leading to the identification of new classes of therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease. His work led to the discovery of subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease, followed by the first description of the reversal of symptoms in patients with MCI and Alzheimer’s disease, with a precision medicine protocol and a recent successful proof-of-concept trial. Dr. Bredesen is the author of two New York Times best sellers. He is currently a professor at UCLA.

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