I, Guest/Speaker, and with authority for any professional business entity that I seek to promote, agree to the following in return for my participation with DrTalks:

1) My participation with DrTalks will include the use of my likeness by DrTalks for educational, promotional, and commercial use related to DrTalks’ business.

2) I understand that my “likeness” may include my name, voice, appearance, image, words, recording, and title or professional designation.

3) I understand that I will not receive any compensation from DrTalks for the use of my likeness, under any circumstances.

4) In exchange for use of my likeness, DrTalks shall permit me to make one FREE (only) self-promotion during a recorded interview, including a URL or other traffic destination.

5) I also acknowledge that, although it is not required, efforts to promote my submitted material will provide a benefit to both myself and DrTalks, and I will therefore use my best efforts in promoting my submitted material to my network of contacts via the promotional channel of my choosing.

6) With this understanding, I grant DrTalks, and any of its assignees, the use of my likeness, including the release of my rights of publicity, privacy or pre-approval for my likeness, to produce, publish, edit, copyright and distribute materials with my likeness for any reasonable business purpose.

7) I further agree not to re-publish DrTalks materials or to attempt to license, assign or sell any materials generated by DrTalks without DrTalks’ written consent.

8) I expressly release DrTalks from any and all claims arising out of the use of the material and my likeness granted in this Release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless DrTalks from and against all claims, losses, expenses, and liabilities of every kind, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of the inaccuracy or breach of any provision of this Release.

9) This release shall be governed in accordance with the State of California, with venue only appropriate in San Diego County. This release constitutes the parties’ entire agreement, supersedes any prior agreement or release, and may be amended only in writing.

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