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JAN 16 - 22, 2024

DrTalks Summit

Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit
DrTalks Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit

Breast cancer can leave one feeling powerless, overwhelmed, and scared. If you’re on this journey, then the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit might be the beacon of hope you've been searching for! At this summit, you will learn about alternative treatments, the impacts of food on cancer, how to optimize your environment, and so much more that could help you on your healing journey. Don't let your diagnosis define you. Join Jennifer Simmons, MD, Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, and more than 40 health experts from January 16 - 22, 2024, to step into confidence and redefine your healing journey. At the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit, you will feel supported by a community and depart armed with the knowledge to reclaim your health. Register today and move from a place of fear to a life of health, vitality, and hope.

Hosted by

Jennifer Simmons, MD and Véronique Desaulniers, DC

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