A Step-By-Step Guide To Epic Orgasms

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  • Discover the secrets and techniques for achieving epic orgasms and elevate your sexual experience
  • Debunk common myths about orgasms, especially those related to female pleasure, to foster a shame-free understanding
  • Understand the science and real-life anecdotes behind the orgasmic response, encompassing a wide range of human sexual experiences
  • This video is part of the Solving Sexual Dysfunction Summit
Diane Mueller​, ND, DAOM, LAc

Hey, everybody. Dr. Diane Mueller, you’re summit host and libido expert here again. And in this video, we’re going to talk about orgasm and we’re going to talk about the female orgasm in particular, how to have better orgasms, and dispel some myths about orgasm. So one of the things that I like to start with in this particular conversation is to normalize. If you have not had an orgasm as a female, it’s actually pretty normal. It’s estimated in research at about 20% of women have never had an orgasm and about 36% of women that have had orgasms can’t have orgasms vaginally. So this is a really important thing because I think it’s really easy as women to put a lot of pressure on oneself about needing to have an orgasm. And as men, it can be really sometimes important, to feel important to provide that for a woman and not understand what’s happening when that doesn’t happen. So from an anatomical perspective, sometimes we see that the position of the clitoris actually will make a difference with orgasm. So if the clitoris is position is more close to say, the vulva entrance right to the opening to the introitus as we call it in medicine. Then essentially what is happening is the clitoris is going to get more stimulation during sex. And due to that being the number one source of erectile tissue in women, then typically we will find in this scenario, we will find that women can orgasm through vaginal intercourse. Now if the clitoris is positioned a little further away, then it becomes more and more difficult, and position of course matters. 

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