Telomere Biology in Regenerative Medicine

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  • Peptides for mitigating oxidative stress .
  • Epitalon to treat telomere attrition.
  • Chronic infections with Lyme/mycotoxins and inflammation
BioHacking, Sleep
Joseph M. Raffaele, M.D.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Telomere Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Joseph Raffaele, I’m very pleased to have today, Dr. Matthew Cook, to talk about all things, regenerative medicine, peptides, mycotoxins and wherever else the conversation goes in the telomere biology in particular. Dr. Cook is president and founder of BioReset Medical and medical advisor of the BioReset Network. He is a board certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience in practicing medicine, focusing the last 14 years on functional and regenerative medicine. He graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine, and completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of California, San Francisco, and has completed a fellowship in functional medicine. 

Dr. Cook’s early career as an anesthesiologist and medical director of an outpatient surgery center, specializing in sports medicine and orthopedic procedures, provided invaluable training in the skills that are needed, to become a leader in the emerging field of regenerative medicine. His practice, BioReset Medicine, or Medical, provides treatments for conditions ranging from pain and complex illness, to anti-aging and wellness. He treats some of the most challenging to diagnose and difficult to live with elements, that people suffer from today, including Lyme disease, chronic pain, PTSD, and mycotoxin illness. Dr. Cook’s approach is to use the most non-invasive, natural and integrative ways possible. Welcome again, Matt, to the Telomere Summit, and let’s dig in on all the things that you have to talk about in your practice. I know we’re in similar fields, but I have much less understanding and experience in the peptide field, and you’ve done work in telomere biology, so why don’t you start to tell us just a little bit about the journey you had from anesthesiology into this type of medicine now?

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