Innovative Treatments for Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders

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Dr. Lisa Hunt, nationally recognized double-board certified Autoimmune and Functional Medical Physician joins us for an in-depth research and evidence based talk on thyroid disorders, including hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease. She discusses causes, signs and symptoms, as well how traditional diagnostic labs can miss thyroid dysfunction, which can lead to ineffective treatments. Anyone who has struggled with thyroid issues would not want to miss this important discussion!

Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders

Both Graves’ and Hashimoto’s kind of being on the opposite end of the spectrum. Basically the difference lies in which region of the thyroid gland that is targeted by which of the antibodies that are produced and that those carry out opposite effects.

So we’re looking for different lab values that might be more indicative of one than the other, particularly the thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin antibodies. Those can be present in 90% of people with Graves’ disease. Then typically with Graves’ disease—there are innovative therapies, particularly peptides, that really help to demonstrate that they do work with the different lab values. But primarily with Grave’s disease, there’s an increase in the thyroid hormones, particularly the free T3 and free T4. In traditional medicine, basically the treatment is to decrease your thyroid hormones. Some examples were things like a thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine. 

The tendency for hypothyroidism is more on the Hashimoto’s side, versus the Grave’s is more the high thyroid side.

Causes Of Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders

With so many illnesses the commonality is a dysfunctional immune system, low mitochondrial dysfunction, hypothalamic-pituitary, but everything’s a vicious cycle. And what happens—normally, if you—and everything’s an oversimplification when you talk about the immune system, but it’s a good way of looking at it that fits with so many illnesses.

If you look at the one side of the immune system, it’s called TH1, a kind of Tregs, so that gets stuck inside the cell and is also the part of the immune system that kind of puts the brakes on over stimulating the immune system. And then TH2 gets stuck outside the cell, and then TH17 is basically the inflammatory cells that are very much responsible for autoimmunity. Now, if you look online and look up auto-immunity, you’ll see the breakdown. Well, these are TH1 autoimmune diseases, these are TH2… But throughout the years you’re like, “Well, that doesn’t seem to make sense because the same treatment works modulating the immune system for the so-called TH1 and the TH2 auto immune diseases.” So what they have found somewhat recently, a lot of people still don’t even know this, but that the TH1 and the TH17 cells look very similar, but they’re very different. The TH1 will actually suppress the TH17, which is the bad ones that are causing autoimmunity. So you’ll have a lot of diseases called TH1 autoimmunity, but they’re actually TH17.

There are doctors who have protocols like raise your TH1—lower your TH1, but it’s really wrong because the problem was not too much TH1, it was not enough TH1. It was too much TH17. In terms of—and everything’s a vicious cycle. Then in terms of infections, if you look, you can really make the argument that every autoimmune condition has an underlying— something’s driving it. Oftentimes it’s an underlying chronic infection, because that really pushes the body from low TH1 to that increase TH2, or stress. 

We always find, like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme, that people go, “God, I went through this stressful event of divorce, a death in the family, trauma, domestic violence, all of a sudden it set everything off, which I think caused a problem because so many doctors—this is a very complex illness. They can discount and say, “Oh, see, it happened after he was stressed… This is a stressed out woman.” But what stress does, we think of it lowering the immune system, but it doesn’t lower it, it modulates. It lowers TH1 and Treg, but really raises that TH2, that TH17 inflammation and really sets up the body for autoimmunity. Then you get the inflammation, which causes basically mitochondrial dysfunction, which makes now the hypothalamic-pituitary.

Heavy metals can be an issue as well, different medications, environmental causes as well. Molds, VOC’s, BPA, etc. can be an issue.

Why Is Thyroid So Important For Pregnancy?

You won’t be able to ovulate appropriately without having optimal thyroid levels. So that’s one thing when people come into our office and they’re preparing for pregnancy that we really want to optimize the thyroid. If there’s an autoimmune component, we definitely want to treat that as well to improve infertility, or the possibility of infertility.

BPC-157, Thymosin-alpha, and Epitalon

 BPC-157 is an amazing immune modulator. It’s a great antimicrobial as well. The Thymosin-alpha really increases the natural killer cell function. I mean it’s a great antiviral as well. Epitalon is probably one of the best anti-aging peptides out there and also a great immune modulator as well. 

The LL-37 is an amazing antimicrobial peptide that’s innate to the human body.



Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hello, it’s Dr. Kent Holtorf with another episode of the peptide summit. Today we are graced to have Dr. Lisa Hunt who is going to be talking about innovative treatment for autoimmune thyroid disorders. And I wanna thank you, Lisa, for taking the time. I’m very excited to hear everything you have to say about this, although we talk very frequently! I think this will be a great talk because, as you know and we’ll get into, it’s such a big problem and so many people don’t even know they have the problem. So thanks for taking the time to be on this summit. 


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