Breathing For Energy

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Breathing For Energy

Heart, Heart Health
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well, hello, everybody, and welcome. Many of you know me, but not all of you know me. So I’ll take just a second. I am a cardiologist in suburban Detroit. Joel Kahn, K.H., an M.D.. I just recently co-hosted the reverse Reversing Heart Disease. Naturally Summit for, say, a very successful educational online event through Dr. and some of you that are on tonight. I know we’re not part of that summit, so I just wanted to welcome you to this really great and exciting evening after we concluded the summit we promised and we’re delivering for webinars educational, motivational and life changing. And tonight is a life changing webinar for sure. You’re going to stop hearing from me in a minute because I have the great honor to bring on a friend, a colleague and one of the first people I put on my list. I have the interview for my reversing heart disease naturally summit. And that is Ari Whitten, M.D., Masters of Science. Ari and I met at Medical and Educational Networking meetings about a decade ago. It was pretty hard not to gravitate to Ari. 

He has an energy as a presence. He had a brilliance. The questions he asked, the interactions, his social skills. It was obvious. This is a very special person. I got hooked on the Energy Blueprint podcast and you should be sure you’re listening to the Energy Blueprint podcast. I got hooked on some of the supplements or nutraceuticals that he designs with such excellence, and then I really got hooked on his book, Red Light Therapy, and I’m a big proponent of red light therapy, and that is by far the best book there is on the topic. But tonight, we’re expanding into an area that Ari is an expert on, something that can help you. If you’re on air tonight, you’re breathing. And if you’re breathing, you can breathe different, you can breathe better. You can breathe more efficiently. You can breathe with more purpose. And particularly some of the just fascinating topics that I was going to talk about, like hypoxic training. Most of us don’t know about that and breathing to unclog your passages and breathing better. And I never want to budget it. I just want to leave it to Ari to explain. So without further ado, thank you for signing on tonight from those of us here at the Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit Breathing for energy. Ari Whitten, Energy Blueprint. Take it away, friend.

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