Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

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  • We hear more and more about frequency these days when it comes to our mental and physical health
  • This session will introduce you to a method called Exponential Intelligence (XI) which can help you understand how to connect to your super sub-conscious so that you can deal with stories that may no longer be serving your life
Mental Health, Mind, Mindset
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to the Medicine of Mindset summit. I am Jana your host back with another amazing speaker. I want to remind everyone that this week and the Vision for the Medicine of Mindset summit has been to put amazing beating hearts in front of you who have had what you might think are only you know lives that you would write for a movie script. But no these are people that have actually experienced so many things in their life and I believe most of those experiences were most likely put in front of them so that they could show up in the way they do today and my next guest is no exception to that little bit of an intro. I would love for you to help me welcome massage body. He’s an expert in human transformation who not only after one near death experience but three came back alive to share wisdom and remarkable abilities that break through the limitations of psychology, willpower and current self improvement methods to change countless lives in a matter of minutes by helping people shift at their core frequency level, resulting in drastic life transformation. 

We’re going to learn more about his method called exponential Intelligence or X. I. As the next generation of human advancement that utilizes the power of frequencies to massively transform your life, not just improvement or not just improve it. Sorry. So he’s worked with celebrities, athletes, members of the royal family from the U. A. E. And from Monaco, executives from Capitol records, Starbucks, Fox, Forbes, Microsoft, FedEx and so much more and we get him all to ourselves for the next little while here on the virtual stage at the Medicine of Mindset Summit. So Mas, thank you so much for being here today. 

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