Create Your Non-Toxic Sanctuary

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  • Understand the importance of replacing common household items with non-toxic alternatives to support thyroid health
  • Learn about using alternatives like cloth paper towels and napkins, glass or stainless steel drinking containers, and silicone or glass food storage to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Realize the benefits of small changes in creating a healthier home environment and using it as an opportunity to educate others
Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Hi, it is Dr. Jen. Welcome to one of the mini talks. So today we are going to talk about swaps for your home that are going to be helpful for your thyroid. So when we look at the home, it could be a source of toxins. And right now we are going to talk about different swaps that you can make that will make an impact on your thyroid. As you know, the thyroid is very susceptible to environmental toxins and one of them is BPA and also BPA-like substances. Just because it says BPA-free and it is a plastic, it has other compounds that could be endocrine disruptors. And this can affect our thyroid and also our hormones, too. And as we know and we have learned during the summit that our hormones also impact our thyroid. So we want to make sure that we are making good swaps. Let us start out with something that not everyone thinks about, this is a cloth paper towel, so they are really cute. You can even hook them together if you want to put them on a roll. But we use these, as you can see, this is washed but it is well loved. These work great. This is what we grab instead. And why is this important? Well, a lot of the paper towels you buy they have bleach on them, so they are bleached. That is just chemicals that you are going to be touching. A lot of the napkins they have food dyes and, we just want to make least amount coming in contact with our skin. Napkins, cloth napkins are another thing. So we use cloth napkins and we use paper towels that are cloth. We will never go back. It is so convenient. It is so nice. You throw it in a bin, wash them once a week, and then you are done. And I’m sure it saves a lot of money too. So it is a great all-around and happy thyroid.

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