The Self-Cleaning Heart: How To Activate Autophagy For A Healthy Heart

Dr. Joseph Antoun


  • Autophagy, or self-cleaning, is a process of renewal and regeneration awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine that can be triggered by low sugar, low protein fasting for several days
  • Prolon, the Fasting Mimicking Diet, was developed by Valter Longo, PhD to trigger autophagy and visceral fat loss while preserving important muscle mass
  • Prolon, coupled with Nutrition for Longevity, is supporting disease regression and reversal including Type 2 diabetes, and insurance companies are incorporating it as the true “food is medicine” program
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well everybody sit tight, don’t move, buckle up. This is gonna be a really really good 30-40 minutes. I’m bringing the best of the best and one of the hottest topics in medicine for the reverse your heart disease naturally summit. And we’re gonna be able to talk about reversing a lot of your health issues, at least the science and the actual practical strategy. So I have with me one of the world’s leading scientists and a topic that is literally as hot as any topic: fasting, calorie restriction, fasting, mimicking diets. We’re going to explain the difference in some of these terms Joseph Antoun’s MD and CEO of l nutra company and beautiful Plano, Texas. Thank you for joining us, Dr. Antoun.

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