Getting a Leg up Using Reflexology

Gaby Piccirilli


  • Gaby’s personal health journey to foot reflexology.
  • Choosing the right reflexology stones.
  • Set the tone for your healing space Foot reflexology exercises for those who are bedbound or physically limited.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Healthy Hotline. I’m Robby Besner, I’m the device developer, Therasage and also the co-founder. And today, I mean, besides being one of my favorite people on the entire planet, I’d like to introduce you, or re-introduce you, to Gabby Piccirilli. And she’s just a very special person. She’s a practitioner, she’s got multiple skillsets, speaks like, I think five languages, probably 10 by now. And she’s just awesome. She does a lot of her therapy through her intuition and she’s sort of an empath and in lot of ways, in understanding the way the body works. She has an incredible skillset which she’s gonna tell us about a little bit today. 

But today’s interview and discussion is really speaking to the Lyme community and everybody out there. It’s just the full gambit of things that could be goin’ on with you as the Lyme patient or the person that has the Lyme disease and even the surrounding families, the people that are supporting you in your own health journey. So, Gabby, a Lyme patient, they could be bedridden, they could have chronic Lyme. They could’ve had it for 20 years. 

They could be super symptomatic and have an episode and be in bed for weeks on end, honestly, and, or they could have Lyme and it can be sort of like, they have have episodes, but they’re sort of managing their lives, it’s sorta the full range. So tell us a little bit about you, your background, the kinds of things you’d love to share with the Lyme community that’ll be watching this episode that they can do tomorrow. That’s valuable to them. I know I’m giving you a compounded question, but take the mic, get with it and let’s see what we can learn together.

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