Peptides & Inflammation: Resetting Metaflammation Signaling

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  • The construct of Metaflammation and how peptides can place a crucial role in turning back the progression of inflammaging
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi, everybody. Welcome to the Peptide Summit. I’m 100% delighted today because I get to speak to somebody who I know and respect but who’s also been a mentor for me, and I started out my relationship with James LaValle, sitting in the front of the class, looking up to him, and having him school me in biology, biochemistry, nutrition, lifestyle, and all of essentially the great things, and so it’s been an honor for me to know him. I’ve been deeply impressed by his training over the years, and we’re both kind of in the business of teaching doctors, and I think we’re gonna collaborate a lot closely together and try to share knowledge, but when it comes to peptide knowledge, I think you’re at the very top of the list of great people in the world, and so I’m delighted to get a chance to talk to you, get your insights and wisdom, and have fun today.

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