Heart Disease Reversal: Fact Or Myth?

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  • Discover the latest advancements in reversing heart disease
  • Delve into how diet, nutrition, and specific medications play pivotal roles in the reversal of heart disease
  • Assess the power of lifestyle modifications, and natural therapies in turning back the tide of heart disease
  • This video is part of the Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit 2.0
Joel Fuhrman, MD

Welcome back to our Reversing Heart Disease Summit with Dr. Kahn and myself, Dr. Fuhrman. And today, I am lucky enough to have Dr. Kahn, himself, with us. We can interview him and discuss how heart disease can be reversed and if it can be reversed, of course. Dr. Kahn obviously, worked with heart disease patients for decades from all over the world and has seen this firsthand. He is a great person to talk about this. Dr. Kahn, great day, we could have this discussion today and just focus on narrow on the topic of heart disease reversal and how we as you both have used and incorporated advanced nutritional treatments and advanced aggressive nutritional interventions to have our people with even a very advanced heart disease be able to reverse it and recover their health. So let’s go into this now with more depth.

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Sheila Davis
Sheila Davis
2 months ago

Am I doing further harm to my heart by taking supplements, and vitamins (recent CT scan showed Calcified plaques in all 3 coronary arteries, mostly concentrated in the proximal and mid-LAD. The total Agatston score is 385). Thank you.

joanne rotella
joanne rotella
2 months ago

How long does it take for juvenile plaque to calcify? I believe I was told that statins calcify the plaque that is there – thus preventing this plaque from breaking off and causing a heart attack. While that sounds good, it seems taking a statin would actually prevent juvenile plaque from being eliminated if one was doing all the other things you suggest to reduce or eliminate plaque. Is that the case?

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