How To Make Menopause Your B*Tch: Master Menopause With Nutrition, Hormones & Self-Advocacy

Esther Blum


  • Learn how mindset factors into the journey of menopause and what types of testing should a woman have done in perimenopause to best prepare for this amazing stage of life
  • How does our mindset impact standing in our truth while managing our families, work, moments of rage and ourselves
Jana Danielson

Welcome everyone back to another, I think I always say this every episode, another amazing episode. I’m going to use a different word. Welcome to the next spectacular episode of the Medicine of Mindset Summit. I’m Jana Danielson. I am your host and with me today is and I’m gonna go to the limb and I’m gonna say a new friend. We connected just a little while ago and it was a Jerry Maguire moment, if you guys have ever watched that movie, she kind of had me at hello with just her authenticity and her expertise in the area of menopause because as a 49 year old woman, you know that we are seeking out as much information as we can just to ensure that that part of our life is as smooth as it can possibly be. 

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