How To Optimize Your Health For A Brighter Tomorrow

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  • Learn to extend your healthy lifespan by targeting aging mechanisms
  • Discover Chris Mirabile’s regimen that reduced his biological aging rate by over one-third
  • Explore accessible longevity strategies and the significance of biological age tests
  • This video is part of the Peptide Summit
Longevity, Peptides
Jen Pfleghaar, DO, ABOIM

Hi. Welcome back to the Peptide Summit. Today we are going to talk about longevity with Chris Mirabile. I’m so excited to talk to him. He’s such an interesting guy. I am a serial entrepreneur, brain tumor survivor, and the youngest winner of the NY News Stern Business Playing Competition. Chris is known for beating the odds. Throughout his career, Chris has pursued a lifelong passion for health and wellness, with an emphasis on avoiding disease. Spurred by his encounter with a brain tumor, he aims to extend his healthy lifespan and maximize his performance and well-being. As a self-proclaimed citizen scientist, Chris dug into the scientific research on longevity and experimented with supplements, diet, exercise, and lifestyle hacks to find the secret to living a long, healthy life. As Chris shares on his blog, and according to independently verified third-party epigenetic, metabolomic, telomere, and physiological tests, he was able to reduce his biological age by 37%. 

His page pace is aging by 31%, and his telomere length is the equivalent of a seven-year-old’s. The outputs were the best results for labs ever seen, according to the lab’s founder. Now we’re approaching a chronic age of 40. Chris’s biology is, by most accounts, that of someone in his mid-twenties. This was a particularly noteworthy accomplishment for someone who endured the physiological and psychological stresses of a brain tumor. Following his lifelong passions after more than a decade of research and experimentation, Chris founded Novos, the first nutraceutical company that targets the 12 biological causes of aging to increase longevity. Now, this includes a scientific advisory board of six of the world’s top biologists and geneticists who study aging from Harvard, MIT, the Salk Institute, and more. With Novos, Chris created more than just a supplement company. He built the first-of-its-kind consumer biotech platform that leverages the latest science to help people take control of their health spans and lifespans. Welcome, Chris. We’re so excited to talk to you today.

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How To Optimize Your Health For A Brighter Tomorrow

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