The Influence of Foods on Mycotoxin Testing – Cleaning Mycotoxins in the Environment

Matt Pratt-Hyatt, PhD


  • Mycotoxin testing labs and modalities
  • Food and mycotoxin burden,evaluation of water damaged homes
  • Biodegrading chemicals for environmental mycotoxins
Eric Gordon, M.D.

Hello, good afternoon. This is an another episode of mycotoxins and chronic illnesses. And today, is my pleasure to be interviewing Dr. Matt Hyatt-Pratt, and he is a PhD and an expert in mycotoxins. He has worked in the microtoxin field for the last six years and has been involved in toxicology for the past 11 years. In the past, he was the associate lab director at Great Plains, and he also was director of research and development at… I always block on, always block on–

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The Influence of Foods on Mycotoxin Testing – Cleaning Mycotoxins in the Environment

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