A Bio-Individual Approach to Living Your Optimal Life

Teri Cochrane


  • What is the Cochrane Method and how did personal experience lead Teri to create this Method?
  • Your solution to the Big 4 ‘disruptors’ of our health involve the concept of the Wildatarian Lifestyle
  • Discover the nuance of this lifestyle and why it is important to understand that there is no one healthy food or supplement for everyone
Jana Danielson

All right, everyone here we are back with another episode. Today we are talking to Teri Cochrane and Teri I took inspired action yesterday as I was preparing for this chat with her and you know, I like to go in and dig into my special guests and see what they’re all about and I do have my speaker notes but there was just something super special that drew me to her immediately and I actually took inspired action yesterday and ordered her book called the Wildatarian Diet. So Teri is a celebrity practitioner, she is the founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute, she’s the developer of the Cochrane method, which is a future facing multi system health and longevity model and what I love is that our paths have some similarities in that and we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about this, I want to know because I was like the same as you, I was in a corporate environment for many years, I was gonna like bust through the glass ceiling, that was my goal and then you know what, there were different plans for me and so I want, I would love to first of all welcome you to the medicine of mindset summit stage and let’s get to know you a little bit and let’s first talk about how that transition happened from the corporate world to becoming an international thought leader in this area of health wellness and longevity.

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