Mastering Longevity: Strategies For Lifelong Youth

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  • Explore longevity not just as increased lifespan, but enhanced youthfulness
  • Understand aging’s exponential curve and the need for equally dynamic solutions
  • Get straightforward steps to initiate and sustain effective longevity strategies
  • This video is part of the Peptide Summit
Longevity, Peptides
Jen Pfleghaar, DO, ABOIM

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the Peptide Summit. Dr. Jen here. This story about our next guest is similar to mine. He left conventional medicine and went to help people. Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is going to be talking to us about longevity and peptides. He was a former interventional cardiologist turned longevity medicine doctor. He also has a great story about why he changed and got into longevity. When he’s not at work, he likes to be athletic and artistic. He also has a spiritual side. He surfs, mountain bikes, hikes, snowboards, plays the guitar, is into spiritual growth and enlightenment, and loves spending time with his loved ones. I’m so excited to talk to you today, Dr. Gladden. Welcome.

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Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
1 month ago

What an insightful discussion on longevity and peptide therapy! 🌟 Dr. Gladden’s journey from conventional cardiology to longevity medicine is truly inspiring. It’s amazing to hear how he overcame personal health challenges and now helps others achieve enhanced youthfulness and vitality. 🌿🏃‍♂️ His emphasis on understanding and addressing the root causes of aging, combined with the use of peptide therapies, offers a dynamic and promising approach to healthspan extension.
I found the concept of adopting an exponential strategy to counter the exponential nature of aging particularly enlightening. 📈 It’s a great reminder that proactive and comprehensive health strategies are crucial for maintaining youthfulness over time.
Dr. Gladden’s holistic approach, considering everything from thyroid function to mental health and environmental factors, truly reflects a modern and integrative view on longevity. 🌍🧠 It’s also fascinating to see the practical applications of peptide therapies, from improving athletic recovery to potentially modulating cancer growth. 🏋️‍♂️🧬
For those already exploring longevity or just beginning their journey, what steps have you found most effective in maintaining or enhancing your health? Have you tried any peptide therapies? 🤔💬

We would love to hear your thoughts. Join the discussion belowx

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