PEMF is an effective tool, learn from a top specialist

William Pawluk, M.D., MSc


  • What are PEMF’s ?
  • How PEMFs affect Lyme disease and inflammation?
  • What are different aspects of Lyme disease that are affected by PEMFs?
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everyone, Robby Besner back with another episode. This is an epic episode. I have Dr. Pawluk with me today. We’re gonna talk about PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic fields. This guy is an expert on this. I’m not gonna belabor his attributes because his CV, his bio goes pages and pages and pages, but he’s an author, he’s a speaker, he’s well-respected in the community, has been interviewed by Ben Greenfield. He’s accepted by David Asprey for all you hackers out there, because he’s really on the cutting edge of this kind of technology. So Dr. Pawluk, welcome to the Healing from Lyme Summit. How are you today?

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PEMF is an effective tool, learn from a top specialist

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