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Quick Tips for Supplements that can lower inflammation, improve cognition and balance mental health

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In this talk, you will learn about quick and easy to implement supplements for improving cognition, balancing mental health and supporting your overall system to heal. In addition, you will get a discount on the supplements talked about and more using this code: Platinum Self.

Diane Mueller​, ND, DAOM, LAc

Hey everybody. My name is Dr. Diane Mueller. I’m the co-host of the Microbes and Mental Health Summit and I’m here today to talk to you about one of my favorite supplement lines by Ophir and when I say this is one of my favorite supplement lines. I don’t mean it lightly. I spend a lot of time as a natural empathic Doctor vetting supplements that I bring into my client’s lives because purity and results are both really, really, really important. We want high quality and we want deep results. So in this particular talk, I’m going to talk a little bit about some of the results I’ve seen using biopsy here in my clients, make sure you stay tuned till the eggs. I’m going to give you a discount code so that if it’s a good fit for you, you can go ahead and use that discount code to get a discount off products. And I want to start by just talking a little bit about why I love BioPure from the vetting process. So like I said, so results are really important, but quality is really important. So many people wind up reacting to products that are a poor quality and BioPure does great lengths to not only make sure that people get results with their products, but also quality assurance is top notch. They not only meet industry standards, they go through rigorous standards to test their products to make sure that they are the highest quality and the highest purity. So I want to tell you a little bit about what I’ve seen. 


So some of their products can be used for things like cognitive function or sleep disturbances or joint discomfort or brain fog. I’ve used their products for a lot of symptoms like this. And I’ll tell you a story. I’ll tell you a couple stories really. I had a client who it was such a journey for her to get to my office. So I this was when I was working at an office building with a decently long hallway. And the walking from the car all the way to the office was so bad. She had such bad joint discomfort that sometimes she was not able to do that walk at all. Sometimes she was actually even in a wheelchair and when she was not in a wheelchair because of her joint discomfort, it would take her forever. You know a walk that most of us can do in a Few minutes would take her 10 or 15 minutes. It was treacherous. And so I remember the first time that she walked into the office and she just like scream with Joy and Glee and she’s like Dr. Mueller Dr. Mueller I made it, I made it all the way. I didn’t have to stop. I don’t have any discomfort. I am good. So that was really really exciting obviously. And so one of the products she was on for that was cocktail cocktails. Such an amazing product from BioPure that I use over and over and over again, cocktails a combination of herbs and hospital choline and it really really helps restore immune balance. So it helps with these immunological imbalances and helps the immune system restore back to that balance. 

And I can’t even tell you the number of stories I have with this particular product. So there’s several other products that I can tell you stories like this. Another product I’ve used is zero bind. I’ve used quintessence, I’ve used crypto lepidus and all of these different products have done just wonders for my patients. So a common thing I see in the population I work with is sleep disturbances. And so I see situations where people have such bad temperature dis regulation. They can’t seem to monitor their temperature for a variety of reasons and this really impacts their sleep there sleep is very disturbed. And I’ve seen where I combine things like cocktail crypto leftists and zero bind for example and then all of a sudden somebody can sleep again. And you guys know that as well as I do that when we have sometimes these you know, core things that we’re working on. It’s not just about the sleep disturbance in this example. Right? It’s about the fact that then the next there’s not energy and when there’s not energy we can’t put that into our kids or we can’t put that into our work or we can’t put that into our hobbies are alive. So the trickle down effect right is so much more than just sleep. And that’s one of the reasons why I love these products so much is because I see the results that they get in the clients I work with. Energy is another big one.

Energy is another thing that just impacts our life. You know, it impacts everything. It’s like we don’t have energy, we’re sitting sometimes our desk or work or whatever you’re doing for work and it’s just looking at the clock. When can I get through this day? So I can crash. You know, I’ve had my own personal journey, I’ve had my own energy issues where I remember looking at a flight of stairs being like, there’s no way I can make it up that those stairs, right? So this sort of thing happens. And I imagine quite a few of you guys have days where you’re like, how am I gonna take care of my kids tonight? How am I gonna cook dinner? And all you want to do maybe is get home and get on the couch and binge watch netflix because energy is so, so poor. And that’s another thing that I’ve seen these products do. I’ve really seen these products pull up that energy and again, that trickle down effect of we have energy up and what turns back on in our life is so so so amazing. Brain fog is another big one. You know that feeling you ever had, that feeling where it’s like almost like this cloud over your brain and you’re trying to think and you can’t remember the word and you can’t remember where your keys are. Sometimes the cloud lifts and sometimes the cloud comes back and it’s a different day by day. So sometimes there’s a level of, of immune imbalance that can be occurring with that and these products help so much with that. So again, one of my favorites, there’s so many good products on these product lines, but some of my favorites are cocktail quintessence, crypto, lapis and Zio Bine. 

And really I like them, like I said because of the strong, strong, strong results I get and I’m results driven and I’m data driven and I really pay a lot of attention to the fact that when I have my clients on really good quality products, I trust their detoxification system where I trust the way they’re going to respond more because I’m not worried about some of these side things that can happen when we’re using these products that are not as well made right? These products that are lacking in purity when all that’s happening, it throws a wrench. Like if somebody is not doing well, it could be that the product is not pure right? So we really want to think about where we’re sourcing our products from the source is so so so important. That’s why I spend so much time vetting these companies and I love love, love companies that do their do their work, do their research products that make me proud to offer and stand behind and BioPure is absolutely one of them. So make sure you also you’ll see and some of the notes from the show, you’ll see a link to purchase some of these products and purchase many different products of their product line. Make sure you use the code Platinum self and we’ll put that in the notes for you too. But it’s Platinum self with a space between platinum and self. So just like you would write it and make sure you use that code so you can get a disc these products and I hope you’ll use them. I hope they will change your lives. Like they’ve changed the lives of so many of my patients and thanks again for being part of the summit and for really considering the importance of what you’re putting in your body, not just food, but the supplements too.


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