Slowing, Stopping & Reversing Age With The Power Of Your Mind

Debra Poneman​


  • Can the power of the mind slow the aging process?
  • Gain an understanding about how you can increase your capacity for becoming positive and optimistic as secrets to reverse aging are shared
Jana Danielson

Well welcome everyone. Welcome back to the medicine of mindset summit, you’re back here with Jana, your co host for this whole week of amazing insight and inspiration from world leaders in so many different areas of health wellness mindset aging just you know it goes on and on and on and today I am and I say this in a lot of the interviews that I’m excited about our next speaker and it’s not that I don’t mean it and those other ones, but I need some adjectives in front of the word exciting for this amazing woman that I’m about to introduce you to. So Debra Poneman is gracing our virtual medicine and mindset summit stage next and this woman, our paths crossed almost three years ago and I just felt this immediate warmth and love from her and I was a newbie in this world of online business and and transformation and I heard her speak just she was at an event that I was at and she stood up and she spoke so beautifully and eloquently about what her vision was for like this next chapter of her life and I was like man, one day, I’m gonna be just like her. And so let me tell you a little bit more about all the accolades that she has just earned throughout her career for more than 40 years.

Debra through her, yes to success seminars has shared tools and techniques and really has impacted thousands, hundreds of thousands of people on this earth. She truly was a pioneer in the world of transformational leadership and design and so I love this because in the 19 eighties, decades before you could google or log into a zoom meeting. She was in seven countries in cities all over the US during doing her seminars, not when it might have been a long time since he used that word seminar and you know, some of her graduates have become millionaires and billionaires. There are people that you know quite well in the transformational space and you know, not only that, but she’s impacted the corporate world as well. She was an in-house trainer for mattel toys, Mcdonald, Douglas Xerox Management group. She’s a best selling author, She’s been in all the networks. She’s an amazing mom, she’s an amazing friend. She’s now joined forces with Harvard trained mind body researcher to bring new knowledge to the world about how to remain ageless. So now in addition to her, Yes to success seminars, she’s got her ageless seminars and we get her all to ourselves for the next 30 to 45 minutes Debra welcome.

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