Stop Chasing Pain

Dr. Perry Nickelston


  • Stealth Infections, no system works alone, fluid flow in the body, toxicity, nutrients in – waste out, interstitial inflammatory stasis, glymphatic system
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody, it’s Robby Besner, back with another amazing episode and a fantastic guest today. His name is Dr. Perry Nickelston And this guy is super unusual because he’s got his own journey that he’ll share with us a little bit of, and he comes with amazing credentials. He’s worked in addiction and has credentials there in compulsive disorders, and that’s sort of important, because, particularly in today’s world, whether you like it or not, we find ourselves getting really drawn in and mostly in that sympathetic dominance, very anxious state. And this guy knows how to calm you down. He works in the pain category. That’s really mostly where he’s focusing these days and hopefully he’ll share some of his techniques with us. 

But he used his like deep tissue laser and things like that to alleviate many of these pain areas in the body and open up those channels so that we get better blood flow and things happen in the body when you bring oxygen in and blood flow in and all that kind of stuff. He knows about physical therapy. He’s been working and actually he’s been coordinating and writing as a columnist for many of the main tabloids. And you may have seen some of his work already with health magazines and physical therapy magazines. So the guy’s well-read, well-versed and he puts it out there. 

He’s a master trainer. He’s worked in the fitness category, or fitness area, for a while. And he’s really a very dynamic guy, runs a podcast of his own, and I was honored by him asking me to be on his podcast. So hopefully, you’ll visit his podcast, and you can reach him simply, the topic is his website, and you can get to him by, pretty simple. And there you can set up an appointment. He can dive in. He really wants to work with the individual. It’s not just a general program. It’s very specific to your needs. And that’s kind of unusual in today’s world where everything wants to be homogenized. This guy unpacks it all, and then he wants to make a program and a profile that actually fits your personal needs. So with that, welcome to the program. Dr. Perry. Thank you so much for joining us today.

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